Tuesday, May 27, 2008


We finally got our chooks they are still too young to lay yet but they hhave their own little pen and come out in the morning keen to walk around and they go to bed when the sun goes down and I go out and put the lid down on their bed so that they wont get hurt. We are truely rural now :o)

ALlen bought this huge box home for Gabriel to play with. He cut out a door and a window and then took the wiggles paper and pasted it around the window so that Gabriel would use it. It was a real hit last Saturday night when we had 12 kids at our house 10 under 8 and they palyed with the box for hours :o)

kids pictures

I decided a few weeks ago that Id try and take some nice pictures of the kids all together. I set aside an afternoon and tried through bribary (especially Gabriel) to get them to sit nice to stop being silly and making faces etc. It was a hard ask as they were all a bit ratty, and Gabriel just refused to sit still for more than 2 minutes. Here are some of my very bad attempts.

Friday, May 16, 2008

Iraq deployment

Allen had the day off today due to a tooth being pulled yesterday, so he decided to take the opertunity to call his sister Jody in the states to see what the family is up to. She told us that her oldest son Frank had just been deployed to Iraq for a tour of 6 months with another 6 months maybe. Hes a great guy we met him while over there last year we went to Camp Penalton where he was living and took him oout to dinner that night. We're all going to make sure that we pray for him while hes away as well as sending lots of emails to him and I have to keep the blog going so he has something to look at :o) Good luck Frank watch out and be careful.

Monday, May 5, 2008


This seems to be the main topic of converstaion in our house for the past few weeks. Ive had a nurse from Walker House visiting me at home fro the past 3 weeks and she came by yesterday and we spent 2 hours discussing my feeding and how things were going. Ive definantly felt better this week I think having Niamh put weight on for the first time in 6 weeks improved my outlook on things immensely. She had a great afternoon nap yesterday with a huge 3 hour sleep! When she woke up she was a happy little miss :o)

Thursday, May 1, 2008

young marrieds

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Monkey boy

Gabriel has become a climbing machine, hes constantly climbing over the couch or into Niamh's cot. Im glad that the trees outside dont have low branches for him or Id be worried! He really enjoys jumping off things too including the couch, our bed and the chairs. The toys have become projectiles with his special bear and blanket being thrown through the air. grrrrrrr! Ive never had a climber and hes always up to something,or into something. I am always putting the wiggles on so that I can feed Niamh without having to jump up and grab him off something.
I have Xaviour home today as well because hes not feeling well, so its a full day today.