Sunday, November 28, 2010


Ok so Ive been told how slack Ive'been updating the blog but hey with 5 kids and a house to run sometimes the blog takes 2nd place. So Ive been busy over the past few weeks getting stuff ready for Christmas and with Jasmine finishing her exams the last 2 weeks its been full. The school year is finally coming to a close (Jasmine has allready finished for the year) and Xaviour is almost done. We still have a heap of Christmas party's to attend over the next few weeks as well as secret Santas (thanks Xaviour) grrr. Not to mention all the Christmas shopping to finish and mail!!!! AHH!
So whats been happening ? Well I'll start with Allen he's had an interesting few weeks. It all started a few weeks ago when his boss Bob (who the company have been trying to get rid of for ages) up and put his resignation in after the stocktake had been done and Allen believed that there was stock missing. He sent an email to the regional manager who asked Bob what was going on. Monday morning he resigned (me thinks he's guilty). So ALlen tells me whats happened Bob is ticked off at ALlen and the regional manager John is slicing and dicing people. ALlen (who is assistant manager, and when hired was told he was next in line for manager) was looking forward to a pay rise etc. Hmmm didnt happen.What?! John decied to hire the "new guy"as the manager who had only started 6 weeks prior! Allen was ticked off and after discussing it we have come to the conclusion that he was probably hired to get Bob out and now that its done they are trying to get rid of him and he's said" no Im not going and you can't kick me out without a reason" so now they are stuck with him till he decides to go...
Jasmine has had a busy few weeks studying for exams shes done really well this year and got an english award for her good work we are expecting her to get top marks when they come out.
Xaviour has been busy with school and got a 2nd place at the Deloraine show this year for one of his wood work pieces he is also going to be recieving an award at the presenation evening this year witha 25$ prize :o) We aren't sure what subject its for but its a toss between computers which he is excelling in or maths which is he is doing year 11 standard (hes in year 8). but we'll all be there to cheer him and of course embarrass :o)
Gabriel is enjoying transition for kinda next year, at home hes ...... well here is an example. Gabriel loves playing with the hose he sneaks around the back of the house where I can't see him and turns it on spraying the dog and everything else, last week he was back round there playing away I followed him and stood behind him while he waved the hose about. I turned the tap off and after a second he relises something isnt right so he looks down the hose for where the water has gone... (very tempting)... He then turns toward the tap (head down running) and only looks up just before he runs into me! öhh mum what are you doing?" stay away from the tap Gabriel. Gabriel runs off watching behind him.. hmmmmmm boys! Lets not get into the icecream moster who keeps sneaking into the laundry to get the icecream and eat in the garden! grrrr I can't wait for school next year!
Niamh is doing well and really enjoying our time together with Hezekiah while Gabriel is at school. We are trying the tolit training again now the weather has finally gotten warmer and we are having some success finally! She will be 3 next month my baby girl is growing up.
Hezekiah is chugging along trying so hard to walk standing on his own for small periods I still think its a while off. His sleeping or lack of it is really starting to grate :o( He just has never slept well and now its teeth or something that bothers him and so Im up all hours trying to settle him, with Niamh still waking during her sleep and Gabriel who sleep walks Im surprised I get anything done during the day!
Me... Well Im all set for uni again next year Ive een putting it off for the past few years but hey Ive been either pregnant or breastfeeding for the past 5 years so I have a good excuse :o) Ive gotten over another Thankgiving this past week we had guests this year and the turkey was great and I even made a pumpkin pie I even made the pastry! what was I thinking!!! I spent 8 hours cooking and cleaning in between feeding the kids (Jasmine was at home helping hmmm well she finished her book anyway :o) ) Ive done all my Christmas laybys and just need to pick them up and dad who decided a few years ago that he ws spending heaps on postage has decided sending me money to buy the kids their pressies is the best option well that means me driving about finding the prices then emailing all the details then going back in buying them wrapping them all and hey! Im doing all the work here grrrr I think I'll add a finders fee to everything??? Im so glad we live in a small country town nice and quiet.. Lets see what happened yesterday? We had a police officer bashed here in town who after fearing for his safety disscharged his weapon and killed the offender. My good friend Simone who lives next door has a hubby who is a police officer here in town so off he went running to the scene which is not far from here. The officer is physically allright but psychologically well.... I feel very sorry for him and (on my soap box) I am amazed that officers are still allowed to go to situations that may be volitile on their own! Something really needs to be done about that.
Ok down from my box... Its getting late and dinner still needs cooking so I better get off the computer I'll upload some recent photos of the kids and heres hoping that the professional ones being taken on Saturday are going to be ok