Monday, November 30, 2009

Its begining to look alot like Christmas

Its almost December! Where did the year go? We have sooo much to do over the next few weeks its amazing! Im deturmined to get the Christmas tree up and decorated tomorrow Im very fussy and I colour co-ordinate all the decorations on the tree. No the kids are not allowed to help! I know that sounds mean and yeah it probably is but hey its my mean thing they can blame me for later when they are in therapy :o) Jasmine is on work experience all this week and set off this morning to catch the bus into Launceston where she is spending the week with "TasDance" Tasmanian dance company. She really enjoyed it today and got to spend a bit of time with the director of the company. She also informed me today that next week is her leavers dinner!!! She has been super exited about his all year its there one big night to dress up and look fantastic, she has her dress and shoes, her hair is organised as is her makeup and car and date :o) We are so lucky to have so many talented members of our ward that are willing to help her with her big night and all will get a mention on the night. I also have a week to get my very first ginger bread house up. I baked all the pieces last week at Suzannes house and they look ok a bit wonky but it is only my first attempt at this. I actually dont like gingerbread so this is really only for Allen and the little kids. I have another dr's appointment next week (yuck) I will have to mention the contractions that Ive been having I know Im going to get in trouble ohh well it wont be the first time ;o) Then I have dad flying down for 3 days to see the kids and give Niamh her Birthday pressie. She's going to be a big 2 year old and dad bought her a Harrods bear from England when Robyn went over this year. Jasmine got one when she was small so it will be nice that they both have the same bear :o) Then just after dad flys home to Melbourne hes on another plane for New Zealand for Christmas with Robyn and her mum so hes going to be tired. Then Erik, Allen's friend from the states arrives on the 20th. Its just one thing after another!! ALl the days are starting to blend into each other now, Im sure it will settle a little after the new year only to begin hectic in the January when the baby is due!(thats if he makes it that long). Phew! Im tired just thinking about it all!

Im also getting Niamh a nice new big girl bed it wasMakayla's and will fit nicely in Niamh's room, so Im off to get a mattress tomorrow. Then I can raise the bed level in the cot move it into Gabriels room along with the change table then I'll be ready when the baby comes :o) Still plenty to do :o)

Sunday, November 15, 2009

we're off to see the Wiggles!

Today we went to see the Wiggles in concert at the Silverdome in Launceston. I had booked "hot Potato seats so I knew we were front and centre on the floor seating (go me!). We left home at about 9:30 and got to the Silverdome just before 10am as the concert didnt start till 11am. I thought we were theere early but there were allready about 300 people ahead of us! We (Jasmine, Gabriel,Niamh and myself) went to have a look at the gift shoop first and I bought the kids a wags tail, a dorothy tail and a feathersword each. they looked very cute with their tails on :o) We waited for the doors to open and then were led into the stadium and down a million stairs to the floor so we could find our seats. We were seated at the end of a row so we had a great view of the stage. They had music playing befor ethe show and Jasmine took Gabriel up to the stage and sat him on it to have his picture taken. The show satred on time with a circus theme which included accrobats and juggling as well as some nifty trampoline stuff. All the Wiggles came out on the stage one by one and introduced themselves. Jeff was first out followed by Sam then Murry then (my favorite) Anthony. they started with "rock a by your bear" and we all sang along. Gabriel was in awe of them I dont think he comprehended till then that they were real!

After the first song ended the Wiggles all got off the stage and walked up and down every isle (and I mean EVERY isle) to say hi to all the kids they shook hands possed for pics and played a huge game of frisby to each other and a fair few parents who helped join in :o) Niamh got a pat from Murry when he was passing by us( she was standing in the isle). ALl the charactors were there as well Dorothy, Wags,Henry, and Captain Feathersword. There were never less than 2 performers from the group on stage at one time and most of the time (unless doing a costume change) they were all on stage for the full 90 mins. They sang all their hits and some groovy new ones that the kids really liked too :o) Jasmine was having as much fun as the little ones were if not more I mean she has grown up with them watching them since she was born! She was excited to come and sang just as loud as the ones on stage :o) All in all it was a fantastic show! The kids really had fun (all of them) and if I could go again next week I think I would they were great!

*photos to follow Jasmine has them all*

Friday, November 13, 2009

Black tie

Allen and I were invited to a Black Tie dinner a few months ago and all I could think was what the heck am I going to find to wear??? I know this is a common thing for women it made it more difficult when Im almost 8 months pregnant! So the task of finding something that was A> affordable and B. Something that would pass for Black Tie? Tricky.... I had a quick look in the maternity stores and decided that paying for anything that expensive was just out of the question I just cant justify spending huge amounts of money on an item that might get used once... So off to the Op Shops to see what I could find there, I have got lucky in the past in finding some super bargins so I did the rounds of all the ones that are decent. No luck there double bum! The question was were to go next? I had a look through the big stores Myer etc no luck and again to pricey when I did find something so on the way back to the car I go throguh Target and I found a black and white maxi dress teamed up with a dark red shiffon jacket I thought that should pass.(I did find some awsome shoes huge heels Jasmine loves them too).
After settling the little kids we headed off it was interesting to see what others considered Black tie, some guy was wandering around with black jeans and a black shirt it was a bit of fun to watch. Some of the women werent much better! I mean you get only so many oportunities to wear something really nice and some of them were shockers! Some young irl turned up in a "dress" that was nothing more than a T shirt with some elastic around the base to hold it under her backside. hehehehehe
We left early so we could still order a pizza for us to eat :o) We had a great time and Grant and Jan who were our hosts for the night did a great job. Yes there were pictures taken (not by me) and yes they did manage to get one of me ( I hate having my picture taken when Im pregnant) I'll get a copy and put it up as soon as I have it.
Ohh also should have a great day tomorrow as Im taking Jasmine and the little kids to the HUGE! Wiggles concert in Launceston in the morning Jasmine is so excited to see them she's been watching them since she was a little girl :o)

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Big girl undies

The day has come! Ive been putting it off for a few weeks because the weather hasn't been great. Yesterday we went into town and bought some "big girl undies". She has been wearing them very proudly I'm glad I bought a ten pack as we have already gone through 5 pairs in 2 days. The mop is now my best friend as I follow her about cleaning up after her accidents. I'm confident that this will end soon as she has been telling me when she has "gone" and waits for me to change her. I'm hoping that by the time the new baby comes that she'll be done toilet training and I'll be able to just use the "magicalls" reusable cloth nappies.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Billicart challenge

Today we had the annual Billicart challenge for church. We had East and West wards from Launceston, Burnie, Devonport, and Us from Deloraine ward. The teams are broke into boys and girls and each have their own cart that they have to help make and design themselves. Our girls from Dloraine won last year so they had to try and retain their title.

They had 3 races one was a cross country challenge where they went half way down the hill round a cone then up the hill to the finish line. Both our boys and girls tams won their event. Then they had to push a member of their leadership up the hill again Deloraine girls won and the boys just got through by a fast finishing Burnie team. The main event is the down hill run, this is a fairly steep hill and this year we had a left turn to manuvor at the bottom of the hill (tricky). This left alot of room for overtaking if your game... The Burnie team got a bit close to the Deloraine girls and they almost crashed "Morgan" who was doing the driving did a fanastic job and we came away with the win! The boys did a great job too by winning their race!

It was agreat day with sausages in bread for lunch for everyone after the main race had been won. It wasa fantastic day weather wise with lots of sun and Im sure more than a few people getting burnt. Gabriel and Niamh drank all the cordial I bought plus more and ate all the bikies I bought for them to eat. Niamh sat with everyone at one stage or another during the day, Thats what I love about being at one of the church activities even if the kids wander off I know that someone will be watching them even if I cant see them :o)

I was more than ready to go home by 1:30 (we were there at 10am) so after sitting in the sun and baking while trying to watch the races and the little kids was tiring and I was glad to get home and have a cool shower.

Well done Deloriane champions again !!!