Sunday, March 30, 2008

puss is back

We went to have lunch with mother Jacki today we talked about the funeral and ALlans 2 daughters and how they were handeling having their dad gone. Jacki was busy getting all of ALlans things that he wanted the girls to have together before they left.

One of the things that Jacki had for me was his puss in boots. When shrek 2 came out there was a talking puss that I just loved and I looked everywhere for one that Christmas I finally found one and I gave it to ALlan because he wanted a real cat but Jacki said no. So after all my searching I gave him my talking puss in boots. Today I got it back. Its funny how much he liked it and it will be special to me now because of that.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Funerals SUCK

The week started off so well with all the anticipation of Gabriel turning 2. Then on Thursday morning just the next day we had a call from Mother Jacki (shes my Tassie mum) to say that her husband Allan had just died :o( Ive known Allan and Jacki for about 6 years and Ive learned alot from them both. They are my sounding horn when I need to vent and my library when I need advice. They are my haven when I need to feel loved they make you feel warm and comforted. I love them both very much. Allan had been unwell for a few years, he had a pacemaker fitted a few years ago because his heart wasnt working (it was workiing at about 20%). We thought that he would feel better after the op, but he was never really well again. He had a serious of "black outs" where his heart would slow and he'd colapse. This is how he left he had breakie and went to lie down in the sun on their bed where he had a black out and never woke up.
Allen (my Allen) went to see him on Wednesday afternoon before he came home from work, Jacki said that it ws funny that all the people that he wanted to see and speak to just managed to turn up and their doorstep that week. Allen was glad that he saw him before he died.
The funeral was huge witht he church packed, we managed to leave Gabriel with a friend so just had the big kids and Niamh. He looked very peaceful his granddaughter stood guard over him in her Army uniform during the viewing we both cried when I came in. I did alot of crying the last few days cried till my eyes stung. I'll miss him alot, his sence of humor his wisdom for all things, his compassion, and his wiskery kisses. I dont handle death well so I havent been much fun to be around, Jacki is stopping by this week and we can have abig chat about things again.
Just a word for all those I love (there are alot of you) your not allowed to die ever! Funerals Suck.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Gabriel's 2nd Birthday

Today Gabriel turned 2 and as per family tradition we opened all his pressents on our bed. He was very excited with all the wiggles wrapping paper :o) He got some cool things from Papa and Grandma. Its also special for Gabriel as its also Papas birthday today so we spoke to him and wished him a happy day. We played with his toys and I made some playdough for us to play with. Gabriel was doing really well till we made him lunch and he feel asleep is his highchair awwww too cute :o) We took him out and put him to bed and he slept another 2 hours.

We had a pasta bake for dinner with chicken and corn and chocolate cake for dessert. Yumm

Happy Birthday Baby Boy

Monday, March 24, 2008

Horton hears a Who

Today we went to the movies its been awhile since Ive been (about 2 years) we usually just get them from friends. Today we went to see Horton hears a Who it was cute for a kids movie. It was the first time I'd taken Gabriel to the pictures and he was a pain! He really doesnt watch anything except the Wiggles. Jasmine stayed home and rested from her weekend away in Hobart.

The cool thing about having little kids is that you get to go to the movies and watch all the kids shows again ;o) Allen had a long lunch break and came too Just one of the perks of being the boss hehe.

After the movie Xaviour and I literally dragged Gabriel around Launceston trying to find a birthday pressent for my dad. Hes hard to buy for as he has everything and what he wants he ust buys himself. What he doesnt have I cant afford lol. I settled on a set of 3 dvd of the shoe "Top Gear" for all those who havent seen it its, Its a very funny car show, Im not into cars at all as long as they go Im cool with it. This show is alot of fun the guys are histerical to watch they are constatly getting into mischief and wreaking something usually another car. If you havent seen it give it a go its on SBS just check it out on Saturday nights at 7.30. It also available on dvd. The Stig is their driver on the show who hoons around their test track as fast as possible he always wears a race suit and helmet so you dont see his face its a mystery .... Its the only car show Ive watched and liked :o)

Saturday, March 22, 2008

1 year ago today

It was a year ago that we moved into the house here at Westbury. We still have a bit to do such as gardens vege patch but basically we are done :o) So in honour of that I have some ictures of the house and the yard front is where the cars are the back is where the decks are. You can tell which ones belong to the teenagers :o) We also have a guest room which is occupied by a friend right now so there are no pics of that, I also didnt bother taking a picture f the laundry I mean we all know what they look like. ohh and excuse the mess its Sunday and I dont clean on Sunday its my only day off.

Friday, March 21, 2008

Our chat with the FEDS

We've had an interesting few days here at camp Robins. Easter is almost here well its Good Friday today (well technically yesterday as its 1am now).

As every Easter the kids make there trip to see their father in Melbourne this ear had a twist. After recieving an itinerary for Xaviour and not Jasmine (again) I pointed out to the person concerned that :

1. He had booked at the wrong time as per the court orders (you would think after 8 years he would learn to read them?)

2. That he needed to change them pronto.

So a couple of weeks go by and I recieve another set of tickets this time the time is still not right. I decided that I had given him a warning and that I was being very nice by doing that and so no second chances. We got a phone call on Thursday night from him asking among other things why Xaviour wasnt on the plane (he did call me some loverly names after) we informed via sms that he was breaching the orders. Thus comes the call from a Federal Police man at Melb airport.

I spoke with him for about 20 mins after discussing what we both believed our thoughts were about the orders. I also tried some damage control as Im sure that my ex painted me as the super B**** that he thinks I am. I told the officer that hes not going to win any father of the year contest any time soon. I was nice but firm. Needless to say my ex then called again at 9:30 asking if we were going to put him on a plane in the morning? I said yes just let me know what time you have booked the tickets. He basically told me I had to pay for it I said no and he hung up on me. You would think that would be that but nooooooooo. We got 3 sms messages thismorning asking the same question "when are you going to put him on a plane today?" After answering the question twice and getting the same question sent back again ALlen cracked it and sent hi a message saying stop wasting time being a Dumb Ass and if you pay for a new ticket we'll put him on the plane. Well I wasnt happy about Allen pocking a stick into a bull ants nest but hey too late now... We didnt hear back from him so heres hoping that the rest of the week will be ex free. lol I wont hold my breath.

Monday, March 17, 2008

Family Home Evening

Every Monday night we plan to have Family Home Evening (FHE) this usually ends up being a movie in front of the tele. Not very much fun. So I came up with the idea that I'll invite a person/family from our ward every week fro dinner and FHE every Monday for the rest of the year. This will make me do something for FHE as well as the added benefit of getting to know each family in the ward a bt better. Last night we had Bev Scott over for dinner, after our dinner and a game I'd prepared we swapped funny stories we had a heap of fun :o) Im looking forward to inviting our next family :o)

We also have a guest staying with us for a while his name is Rowan he found himself with nowhere to live after his girlfriend gave him a week to leave her house. So now he's staying with us till he can find somewhere close to work for him. He's a really nice young guy and the kids think he's great. We will try to bring him to church this weekend.

We have over he years tried to help a few people who have found themselves without a place to live. My first attempt at helping ended badly she stayed for 3 months (it was only meant to be 2 weeks) she payed nothing to me to help with food costs or bills and when she left she stole my wallet and all the cash that I had saved to fly to Melbourne for mmy dads birthday. I was upset to say the least. Our second attempt was a friend whos marriage had just ended and he found himself living in his car and working 3 jobs! We caught him working at a friends house and dragged him home to stay he protested but it didnt help. When he did leave he said it was worse than leaving his mums. Xaviour cried when he left they had grown really close as they were sharing a room. Jay is still a great friend who comes by alot to say hi, he ehlped Allen bless Niamh this month. Our 3rd person who we helped was thrown out of her house for non rent payment. She turned up at our back door at 11pm one night. She was disstressed and very emotional. We let her stay, as well as her 16 year old daughter and her husband. It was crowded for a while. It ended badly when she refused to move into acomodation that was made availabe for her because she didnt like the neighbourhood. AFter 3 months of sponging off us and our food storage dwindiling quickly we asked her if she could contribute something to the food budget, and bills if she was going to stay any longer. It went badly she locked herself in her room and when I came home in the afternoon to talk to her I found that she had gone and left me a nasty note about how badly we had treated her! HMMMMMM? Yet we still feel the need to help others when we see it. I found that On Sunday at church all the Hymns seemed to be saying the same thing. My favorite Hymn is "If I have been given much". I've been in the situattion when I had nothin and had nowhere to go. I hope that if we are ever in the situation again that someone would help my family. Blessings from Heaven .

Saturday, March 15, 2008

St Patricks Day

Well I couldnt very well not post it in green :o)

Westbury has a huge St Patricks Day festival every year, they have aparade and 2 full days of activities and music on the village green. Everyone in town gets in on the act with people putting up balloons and flags in the Irish colours of orange green and white. People come from miles awayto play and watch the performers and dancers. Its alot of fun. Today was their first day so they have the parade and music playing till late tonight. We had planned on going with our friend "mother Jacki" , but at the last minute she decided to stay home as her husband is not well and need complete bed rest.

I've been before and its heaps of fn with the Guiness flowing in the local pub and RSL. Maybe next year we'll have some family down to experience it with us :o)

Yummy Mummys

Once a month we have a yummy mummys group, this is when all us mums get together and chat. Today we were at Mels new house in Deloraine its a great house with a cool garden for the kids to run around in. We had a cookie swap day today, and we all took a plate of our favorite cookies that we made, as well as 5 in a plastic bag for each other mummy and a recipe for them. It was a great morning we ate (well I ate) lots of cookies and got to bring some home too :o) The kids and Allen were very happy about that! The only problem was that silly me forgot to pick up all the recipies! I'll grab them on Sunday.

Yesterday Allen and I had a parent teacher meeting at Xaviours school. It was a very informal chat about how hes doing and any areas that need to improve on. Hes a good student and only his spelling needs improving so we have some ways to tackle that. Xaviour will also be dissapointed when he gets told that he is bringing homework home to do afer Easter :o) Get used to it now there will be more next year.

Jasmine has her sleepover for her birthday tomorrow night. The guest list was set at 5 people, but now its 10! Allen and I were not happy when told yesterday. Jasmine claims that these extra girls just invited themselves hmmmm.... I dont care how it happened! She has been told that its unacceptable to just invite people willy nilly. Im hoping they will all go home early on Saturday.

Xaviour plays his first game of soccer for the season this weekend. Hes decided (wisely) not to play for the Westbury side like he did last year. The team was made up of players that for the majority had not played before. The ones that had wer not geat and it frustrated Xaviour all year with inexperienced team mates and those who only turned up to games and not training. This year he'll be put into another side and his club pressident will make sure its one with team spirit and experience. We are going into town next week to get him some new boots and a pair of skins so that he doesnt freeze this winter. Hes very jazzed about playing this year, hopefully he has a good season.


Yesterday was Jasmines birhthday which is usually a fun day, but we had some sad newz yesterday our beloved cat Rowan had been killed hit by a car. Our neighbour Simone came and told us that she thought it was him so ALlen and I went down to have a look. We found him there by the side of the road, Allen and Xaviour took him home and buried him in the garden. They said a little prayer over him and covered him up. Xaviour was upset and was wiping away tears when he came back inside. Allen was hoping it wasnt him and stayed up late last night hoping he would come in the door :o(Im going to miss him he followed me everywere just like a little dog, he slept on our bed and snuggled into your legs when you were sleeping. He was fun and sneeky, and loved us as much as we loved him. By By Rowan we'll miss

Monday, March 10, 2008


For all those who read my blog just to let you be aware that some *BEEP* put a virus attatched to a comment on my page after the Yummy Mummys Ive deleated the post and ALlen is updating my computer and checking my whole system. Sorry if anyone else got infected :o( If in doubt check your computer. Kat

Ohh and I'll repost the yummy mummys later

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Busy weekend

WoW! Im glad its a long weekend because I still think I need a day to recover. Friday night Jasmine had a sleepover for her birthday which is tomorrow. We had 10 teenage girls staying over which were rather good really. They eventually went to sleep at around 1am. They all stayed till about 3pm Saturday afternoon, I went to have a snooze at about 2pm and when I woke up we were down to 1 girl! WooHoo!
I took Xaviour to soccer which was fun he had a ball but h was completely buggered by the end af the day :o)
I completed my first lesson for Primary today the kids were really kind and let me bumble my way through I think having lollies for them at the end of the lesson helped alot :o)
Allen finally got me a copy of the movie "JUNO" to watch and Jasmine and I sat and did that this afternoon. For those of you that have not seen it go and see it! It was fantastic, very real, very different I loved it.
Allen is going to be busy building a fence to keep Gabriel in his garden tomorrow I'll take some pics when its done.