Sunday, June 29, 2008

Sing Elons BIG SING

This weekend we were part of Tasmanias first BIG SING. It was a fundraising adventure for SIng Elon international chior. It was a matter of taking a "class" and learn to sing 3 songs in a day we were put into "sections "and then off we went. I managaed to con Allen and Xaviour into singing as well hehehhe. Jasmine and Gabriel got their picture in the paper it was a cute photo. ALl in all it was a good weekend the concert ohh yes we performed our songs in front of 300 people! I have a whole year to work up the nerve to do it again . only next year I'll be dragging others along for the ride :o)

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Our new priesthood holder

Sunday was a special day as it was the day that Xaviour was ordained a decon at church. I got to witness his blessing during the priesthood lesson and gave him a big hug and told him how proud I was with him. It's a big deal and we had a super that night with some of the other priesthood holders from the young mens program at the chapel later that night.
Congartulations Xaviour and thanks to Jason and Gorden for being there for him in the circle as well as mother Jacki who came by to watch as well :o)

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Phillip Island

Well our trip away was fun to see all the family (well some of it) and spend some time away down at the holiday house. I managed to get all the washing done and everything is put away now :o)

Here are some pictures that I took of Gabriel and his trip to Smiths Beach (thats where the house is ) he wasnt real keen on getting in the water at first and made a dash back up the stairs and Jasmine had to fetch him back down. After a few minutes with papa ( my dad) he was happy to get wet and cried when we said it was time to go home. You cant win ....

We watched the pelicans being feed and I went to visit mum and my Grandmother who is now in her 90's and doing well. I thought it would be nice to get a picture of 4 generations of the girls as it doesnt happen very often.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Time away

Why is it there always seems to be 10 times more work to do when you get home froma holiday then there would have been if you had just stayed home?
I really enjoyed spending some time away visiting my dad and mum but phew! Whata relief to get home with all the stuff I had to carry araound for Niamh and Gabriel. Prams slings nappies bottles baby food wipes change mat a change of clothes x2 bibs and blankets toys and stories. Man! Im tired just thinking about it and that was just to see the pelicans! I missed my bed my p.js and my couch. lol
I took a heap of photos and I promise I'll put them up by Friday :o)

The sad news I got today was that my niece Calista has just had a relapse and her cancer is back :o( We're thinking of you Cali chin up :o)

Wednesday, June 4, 2008

boots and bars

We had a busy day today with appointmets in town and a dinner with friends tonight. I had an appointment with Niamh's physio today we talked about how her left foot was looking and how the physio exersises didnt seem to be working any more. We looked at some different things but with Rebecca the senior physi looking after Niamh she is suggesting boots and bars for her feet. It means that she will have to wear them every time she sleeps probably for at least a year

:o( Im not happy about it and ALlen and I have been talking about it tonight and have pretty much decided if thats whats best then its what we will do. Its about whats best for her and making sure she gets the best start in life. The picture is of a pair of boots like shes'll be wearing soon :o(

Sunday, June 1, 2008

winter is here

Well is official winter is finally here. Ive been thinking about all the cold and rain that due in the nnext few months and what am I going to do?? Well lets join facebook?? yep Ive now got a facebook page and I allready have a few friends :o)
We spent all day yesterday and I mean all day 7 hours moving mulch around the garden. Allen had been paying for it today with lots of "oww I hurt" Everyone did a great job with all the kids helping including Gabriel who had his own bucket and helped put the mulch on the garden but by 4pm he was just suer ratty and decided to just throw bark at us :o) I'll take some pictures of the garden tomorrow when I have a minute.
School holidays are now in force with the kids off for the next 2 weeks this week is busy with appointemts for physio and primary activity and Xaviours birthday on Tuesday then his sleep over party on Thursday then we all go to Melbourne for a week on Saturday (all except Allen who has to stay home and go to work) Jasmine and I are taking the little kids and going down to the holiday house on Phillip Island I love it down there. I'll take some pics while we're down there.

Busy week ahead