Thursday, August 4, 2011

kids phases

My kids have gone through phases, be it the teddy phase or in Jasmines case the "blankie" phase. Phases with toys, tv shows food etc. My little ones (5,3) are going through a new phase. Its interesting to watch, they are going through a "Jack Sparrow" phase, yes Pirates of the Caribbean phase. We have been through the "Wiggles", and Toy Story and even Hook got a pretty good run for a while, Ben 10 is a hit still but its Jack who Gabriel has decided is his "new favorite". So once again we have the tv on and are watching the movie... thankgoodness we have 2 tv's!

Monday, August 1, 2011


With 2 people in the house with Asthma we are pretty prepared we have a heap of medication for both Allen and Gabriel and I bought a nebuliser machine a few years ago when Alle was having a tough time with all the smokers in the mall in Launceston. The nebuliser and the neb's that it takes have been used alot this winter for Gabriel, and last night I was up again. Its frightening for me as his mum to know he is having trouble breathing and he will cough and cough until he is sick, and then cough some more. Last night he started coughing at about 10pm and it was constant, every minute for almost 4 hours, he was covered in vicks including the soles of his feet. I had the humidifer going in the bedroom pumping out the smell of eucalyptus throughtout the house. I gave him a neb at 12am in our bathroom and then packed him off to bed with enough pillows that it looked like he was sitting up in bed. He kept up the coughing until finally falling asleep. I worry about his asthma and is it going to stay with him for the rest of his life like his dad Allen. Its all quiet right now, heres to a good nights sleep tonight