Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Big Girls business

Ive noticed a change over the past few weeks and even though I am proud Im also a bit sad .. No alot sad. You see my baby girl is growing up a little to fast for me lately. I know that she has just turned 18 but shes always going to be my baby girl. The last few weeks Ive watched her look at University in Melbourne instead of here, Ive watched her box up her toys from her bed that have been there since she was a little girl and last night she threw away some pictures that she decided were too young for her now..
She has been talking about her big "move"and I don't want her to go :o( I watched her this morning helping make the little ones their breakfast and help get Niamh her baby sister dressed for the day and as I watched her I could see a young woman not my little girl :o( Time has gone by too fast for me and I want the time back to be with my little one with the long red hair and beautiful blue eyes staring up at me.
We are planning a trip away in September just the 2 of us together and I know that it may be the last time we get to do this before she leaves

Jasmine was in "sing Elon"for a few years they taught her alot

Jasmine at her grade 10 leavers dinner

Her first day of High school

Jasmine and "pap"he's my dad and they have a very special conection he was there when she was born so he thinks shes pretty special :o)

Jasmine at the holiday house doing a bit of body surfing and freezing.

Jasmine with Niamh just a few months old.

Jasmine and her best friend Ellie at home here for her 15th birthday

Jasmine with Gabriel feeding the pelicans at Phillip Island

Jasmine and I watching the Disney night parade (I was almost 8 months pregnant and after spending about 9 hours walking around in 35 degree heat I was kind over it)

Jasmine during our Disneyland trip this was her completing her Jedi knight training. Yes she was the oldest and yes she was literally jumping up and down!

Jasmine and Xaviour with "cars".

Jasmine and Gabriel when he was little

Jasmine at about 12 it was taken on Christmas day

Jasmine was about 10 here and looking very grown up but still giggling

Jasmine and Niamh at the green.