Sunday, March 25, 2012

Uni, Surgeon, prac placement

I had an interesting week last week. Its just ended week 4 of university for the year and Ive handed in a total of 2 pieces of work already and am working on another 2 that are due after Easter break. So Ive been busy downloading and listening to lectures, printing lecture slides and making notes, as well as the many many readings for each of the units that I am doing. Then on Friday I had a prac introduction lecture that freaked me out! I drove home wondering how the heck I was going to do a 16 week placement and have a family and do a unit at university at the same time! What!?
While all this is going on Im busy trying to organise a surgeons appointment. Thats right still trying to get an appointment! My specialist here who is one of the best is a very busy man ( he does kind of run the hospital as well as his private practice) forgot to sign the referal! Very hard to send it without the said signiture on the bottom of the page..... SO after 6 weeks of mucking around and me making countless phone calls some with me crying out of utter frustration I have finally got an appointment with Dr Bittar in Burnie on the 11th of May, Yippee!!
Im going in there with a stack of questions about everything this condition can do to me and what the surgery (if he thinks it is necessary) it will benefit me, what are the risks etc etc..
On top of all that I do actually have a family that I care for namely 4 kids and a husband. I run the house cook, clean, run kids around, do the grocery shopping. All that stuff that might not seem important untill your the one who doesnt have any clean undies!
Then there is prac which starts next semester... *crap* how Im going to do this I dont know.... I have an interview with Torna who is our placement officer tomorrow and Im a bit scared. The lecture scared me, trying to work out what the heck Im going to put on my resume and cover letter is scarying me! I hope It goes ok and I dont act like a total idiot, which I have the potential to do! I'll keep you all informed.