Friday, February 20, 2009

What are those rabbits up to ??!

On Tuesday Allen picked up some "supplies" for us and left them in a bag in our room. He then took Jasmine and Xaviour to young mens/ and young womens. While they were gone I did what I always do and cleaned up after tea then got the little ones ready for bed and cleaned their toys up from the day of playing, while I was doing this I could hear peels of laughter coming from our room. I was wondering what those two little rabbits were up to but their laughter was so cute I couldnt stop laughing at them from the other room. Finally after hearing a ripping sound I decided to investigate what they wre up to. Gabriel had found ALlens "stash" of condoms and was frantically ripping them apart from each other and Niamh who was watching this was laughing at him as well it was such a funny sight to see a 2 year old ripping these apart and scattering them all over the floor hehehhe. I wonder why we spend so much money on toys whenthey get as much fun from a pot from the cupboard and a wooden spoon and a paint brush with some water to paint with. Or..... just a packet or two of condoms.

kids back at school

Well I know its a bit late but yes the BIG kids are back at school for the year woohoo!!! The only change was that Xaviour started high school this year :o) We went to the school the week before they started and I picked up their books paid their fees and got a new jumper for Jasmine. I had managed to get the majority of Xaviours uniform in Town but the jumper for Jasmine had to come from the school.

They are both enjoying being back at school and Xaviour has been great at getting his homework done as soon as he gets it. So here are some pics of them before they caught the bus on their first day back.

Monday, February 9, 2009

How hot?!

Last week was just too hot! Even here in Tassie were it just doesnt get that hot during summer got to 39.6 here in Westbury infact it was 40C in my neighbours kitchen EWWWWWW! We bought the kids a small pool for Christmas just for cooling off in its ony waist height on Gabriel so its not that deep and its 15 feet wide, we spent a bit of time in it last week as well as trying to keep all the animals cool the kittin spent the whole day sleeping under the table. The dog spent the day in the shade under the deck and unfortunantly 2 of our 3 chickens died.

It was very hot so hot that this poor koala came into a back garden looking for relief, its super cute, aslo shows you that even the local wildlife found it too hot!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Victorian Fires

Its been an upsetting few days for me with the fires in Victoria. With now over 80 people confirmed dead and 700 homes lost, the devatstation of whole towns. The pictures are sad and the flames hights and speed frightening. I like to think Im prepared for an emergency if it happens, we all have back packs with enough food and water for 3 days (thats how long the emergency services ask you to have). We have a change of clothes, wind up torch with radio and siren.We also have other bits. They sit in the linen cupboard ready to grab, I always thought we would never have to use it but the more I see on the news with fires in one state and floods in another it makes me realise the importance of having these packs. SO Ive put here a list of what to pack if you decide to make one up you may never need it and I hope you never do but lets be smart and be ready... just in case.

Food and Water
(3 day supply of food & water per person
when no refrigeration/cooking is available)
 Protein/Granola Bars
 Trail Mix/Dried Fruit
 Crackers/Cereals (for munching)
 Canned Tuna, Beans, Meat, Vienna
Sausages, etc (“pop-top” cans might leak/
explode & Jerky can “flavor” other items)
 Canned Juice
 Candy/Gum (Jolly ranchers can melt &
mint gum might “flavor” other items)
 Water (1 Gallon/4 Liters per person)
Bedding and Clothing
 Change of Clothing (short and long
sleeve shirts, pants, socks, jackets, etc.)
 Rain Coat /Poncho
 Blankets and Emergency Heat Blankets
 Cloth Sheet
 Plastic Sheet
Fuel & Light
 Battery Lighting (Flashlights, Lamps)
 Extra Batteries
 Water-Proof Matches
 Bag or Bags to put 72 hour kit items in
(we use cheep back packs and it holds everything make sure there is one for EACH member of the family)
 Infant Needs (also when you have kids try and put in a toy eg a stuffed aniaml, if you have to leave fast they will be upset and may need something to cuddle )
 Can Opener (or get tins with the pull tops on them)
 Radio (get a wind up one )
 Pen and Paper
 Axe( you can get a very small saw instead which is made of wire and rolls up very small)
 Pocket Knife
 Duct Tape
 First Aid Supplies
 Toiletries (roll of toilet paper—remove
center tube to easily flatten into a zip-lock
bag, feminine hygiene, folding brush, etc)
 Cleaning Supplies (mini hand sanitizer,
soap, shampoo, dish soap, you can also have baby wipes they are great and you can get small packets)
medication (Acetaminophen, Ibuprofen,
children’s medication, etc.)
 Prescription Medication (for 3 days)
Personal Documents and Money
(Place these items in a water-proof container!)
 Legal Documents (Birth/Marriage
Certificates, Wills, Passports, Contracts)
 Insurance Policies
 Credit Card
 Pre-Paid Phone Cards
• Update your kit every six months (put a note in your calendar/planner) to make sure
that: all food, water, and medication are fresh (not expired), clothing fits, personal
documents and credit cards are up to date, and batteries are charged.
• Small toys/games are important too as they will provide some comfort and
entertainment during a stressful time.
• Older children can be responsible for their own pack of items/clothes too.
• You can include any other items you feel are necessary for your family's survival.
• Some items and/or flavors might leak, melt, “flavor” other items, or break open.
Dividing groups of items into individual Ziploc bags might help prevent this.

I hope I never have to use mine but it can't hurt to have ..... Stay safe