Friday, November 9, 2012

Our special tree

On thursday I spent the entire day at the hospital waiting in the specialist clinic to see one person about a surgery I am having done in the next few weeks. While Allen, Hezekiah and I were there waiting one of my specialists casually walks over and says "Ohh hi guys by the way I spoke to your Dr in Sydney he would like you to come up, is that ok with you?" I was overwhelmed, he then said after we answered YES! that he would get the paperwork done for us now. I was so emotional all of a sudden it wass like things were finally falling into place. When my doctor came back I jumped up and hugged him and said thankyou. I know thats probably very unprofessional but I dont care! We have a date for our trip to Sydney as soon as we got home we rang his office and spoke to his PA. We leave on the 6th of Dec and the appointment is the next day at 10am. Im so excited to finally have a chance to speak to someone who understands my condition, and I am keen to hear what he has to say.

On our way home we stopped to buy a special tree. After I lost our little girl Allen buried her in our garden and he wanted a tree that had pink flowers on it. I found one and he planted it that day. Now I can look out the window and see her tree. I am thinking about putting some other flowers around it too until I do that I wont post a picture. Sorry you will have to wait.