Wednesday, December 12, 2007

waiting still.....................

Its Thursday and Im still pregnant! We went into the hospital to get "checked out" yesterday afternoon, after having the monitor on me for 30 mins checking the babies heart rate and me for contractions. We discovered that I am having contractions I just cant feel them yet which is nice but frustrating at the same time. The doctor checked everything "downstairs" and said yes I had a "show" and that things should start moving soon. Hmmmmmm...... Its 6pm and 24 hours after the exam and Im still waiting. Maybe tonight ? Mind you Ive been saying that since Tuesday. Dad is geting antsy ringing 3 or 4 times a day to check to see if anything is moving yet, he keeps telling me to go for a jog. Yeah right!
I had our Yummy Mummy's group today even though there were only 3 of us we still managed to eat heaps of food and the kids had a great time running around the park. Gabriel feel asleep in the pram on the way home so I had a nap as well.
Allens been busy putting up the architrave around windows and doors for the past few days its looking alot better Im proud of all the work he's done :)
Jasmine is getting ready for Carols by Candlelight this Sunday night its going to be huge again and she been practicing almost every night this week, tonight she'll be at rehearsal till 10:30pm. Shes going to be very tired in the morning.
Dad arrives on Sunday afternoon and the kids are getting excited about seeing him again, it will be his first visit to our house since we moved in so I hope Im home for it.
I have my shoe party tomorrow night here at the house I love these shoes! I have several pairs and am hoping to add to my collection :) I'll post some photos of the shoes after Friday, provided Im not in the hospital? I did tell Allen that he will have to host the party if Im not here and send me pictures of the shoes so I can order some.hehehe
Well I better get going Allen and Xaviour are busy cooking dinner for us we are having a light chicken salad. yum.
Hopfully I'll be in the labour ward tonight?

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

baby baby

Well I think we are finally on our way with the birth! I have been having contractions since Sunday but not much else then this morning I had a "show" so we have been waiting around the house all day for the contractions to get heavier and 11 hours after I discovered my "show" and I dont feel any closer to the birth :o(
Im getting more and more frustrated by the hour I went for a walk and had some contractions while I was out but not much since getting back grrrrrrrrrr. I might try a bath next Im gettting impatient with it all I just want things to start moving a bit faster. I should be relishing in the fact that this is our LAST baby and I should be kicking back enjoying it all but frankly Ive had enough and I want my body back.
Allen and I did some Chrissy shopping on Saturday with Gabriel in tow Jasmine was working at the Raspberry farm, and Xaviour decided to stay home for the day. Due to us leaving the pressies in the car including one huge box for Xaviour I went to get Jasmine from work and tonight because she is a sticky beak had looked at all the boxes in the back of my car. this wasnt a problem as hers isnt here yet but she then tonight told Xaviour that she knows what he's getting and added that he wont like it. Allen and I got upset with her and she got all defensive about it. I told them both to be quiet and not to speak abouut it any more I mean for goodness sake!
Not much else happening here just kicking back watching the cricket from Perth. I might go and have a bath it may be the last bit of peace I have for a while. Wish me luck

Sunday, December 2, 2007

This our little angel Gabriel we took this at a restaurant in California called Chucky Cheese. I know the name doesnt sound very appealing and the food was ok but they had a great area for kids to play in. This is Gabriel in one of the ride in cars.


The last few days have been hectic. Saturday Jasmine had her end of year concert for her chior their were a heap of people there and she had 2 sets of rehursals that day inbetween that we had to attend a friends wedding in St Leonards. It was an Italian / Tongan wedding so here were mountains of food. Rebecca looked beautiful in a pale blue dress and white long gloves. The two of them later changed into Tongan dress both wearing sarongs and white T Shirts and flower lays.
Jasmines concert went really well with her chior singing 4 songs they looked and sounded great, now we only have the Carols by Candlelight in the park which is on the 16th. phew its been a busy year for her and us!
Last night we had our Young Marrieds dinner at our house. We had a bbq which went really well all the kids came in and out of the house all evening and the adults played a game of "Curses". Its a fun card game that includes acting and a curse being placed on you. Everyone had a ball poor Simone ended up with about 13 curses that she had to do it was funny to watch her trying to do them all. Gabriel went to bed half way through the bbq I thought hed just cry and want to get up but he must have been really tired as he went right to sleep.
Our new baby is keeping us up allready and she hasnt even been born yet. I had regular contrations every 15 mins for about 4 hours then nothing...... grrrrrrrr.
Allen is taking 2 weeks parental leave from the 13th of this month which will take him right up to Christmas eve so thats nice for us then back to work on the 3rd of Januaray. Only a few more days of being pregnant ! I cant wait to see her perfect little body and face.