Sunday, August 22, 2010


We had a great time at the ward activity the other night with Gabriel winning the"" no sew blanket"" he has been carrying it around with him since that night and him and Niamh have been huddling under it looking very cute. The little kids have been having fun with Hezekiah putting him in anything that will hold him and trailing him around like a doll. Im glad hes so calm he doesnt worry about it at all. I'll load some pictures when the camera stops being stupid.
Also been doing some more work in the garden, I planted 250 bulbs in the garden bed in the turn circle as well as a nice magnolia. It frustrates me that its still not all done Id love to have 20 thousand just to get everything I want finished lol! In the meantime I'll get a bit at a time. Im still moving all the wood chips that are left from the load I had delivered it was alot! Maybe if it stops raining this week I'll get some more of it done.
Other than that nothing much happening our trip to Melbourne has been postponed due to difficulties with accomodation so maybe heading over in October we'll see Im not going to say yes to anything yet its just too hard other wise.

Sunday, August 1, 2010

home brand paparazzi

Its kinda funny looking at the photos on the camera when they have been there for a while. Gabreil loves the camera and always wants the photos of himself shown to see what he looks like :o) Thats why I thought it was so cute when Im uploading the photos off the camera and I come accross these pictures. They were so funny I had to add them :o)