Sunday, October 17, 2010

the weekend that had to end

It started out fine :o) Id booked the tickets packed the bags remembered everything (which I never do!) and we were on time :o)
We got up early Saturday morning for our flights to Melbourne the trip was to 1. Go to my 20 year high school reunion and 2. To finally have mum see Hezekiah.
We picked up the hire car nice new corolla (red) and off we went to dads. WE got directions as I was to nasty as to not pay the extra 30$ for a GPS. Dad got us lost with his directions he knew where he wanted us to go he just didnt pass on ALL the information so after another phone call we eventually got to Glen Waverly. WE had a fantastic lunch that Robyn made and then settled down for a chat and catch up, before leaving with dads GPS to drive to Traralgon for the reunion that night. WE got to my friend Melanies house with thanks to the GPS and did a quick makeup touch up before driving to the reunion, I wasnt impressed with the "finger food"that my 40$ payed for (2 plates of mixed sandwiches and a couple of plates of reheated mini quech from the supermarket). In the end the money that was left went on a tab for the bar which didnt benefit us as we dont drink! ALl the cows from high school were there still the same as they were back then sad to see that things hadnt changed that much. I would have thought that the benefit of age would have matured some people but it didnt, such a shame really. We left at about midnight and went back to releave the baby sitter, she was a loverly young girl. Mel and I stayed up till 1.30am catching up before baby crying put an end to that.
We got up early the next morning for our trip back into the city with several stops on the way, first was my aunt and uncle (they were caught still in bed :o) ) after spending an hour with them we hit the raod again to Hastings to see mum and my grandmother, mum still hadnt seen the baby and nan well shes still hanging in there it perked them both up to see him :o) I took some photos which I'll add later tonight. After that we went to Frankston to see my friend Lisa she looked fantastic and is doing great :o) then it was off to Mordialloc to see Jason and Sarah, I took a very belated baby pressent for there gorgeous boy Joshua and some hair clips and ties for Mac Kenzie. I would have loved to stay longer and catch up with them some more but time was getting away from us so back in the car to dads to drop off the GPS before heading to the airport I gave us plenty of time so that we could relax before getting on the plane.
We waited in line like cattle for our turn at the counter before it was pointed out that they couldnt find us on the system??? hmmm lucky I had printed a copy! The lady checked again with no luck .... whats going on? Ohh wait here it is your early... by 3 days!!! WHAT!? Yes thats right I'd mucked up the booking and had us booked to fly home on Wednesday! Holy COW what to do???? I'm starting to feel sick and starting to cry thinking of what Id done :o( I get to the help desk only to be told that yes we could fly back on the same flight no worries only that its going to cost 600$ to get back!!!? Panic attack imminent! Im crying telling her no can do lots of tears by this point and feeling less and less confident about getting home and worrying about the kids at home expecting 2 parents home in and hour.... The lady waived the fees and I payed the difference and yay we were heading home... I was a total mess thinking about what a terrible mother I was and how I cant even book a flight without creating a huge problem I was crying and stressing myself and bub. We got on the plane with me still crying (the flight attendant handing me some tissues) I stressed bub that he spent the entire flight crying with me. He fell asleep leaving me (still crying) the rest of the way home :o( Im so grateful for the people from VIRGIN who helped us out next time I think we'll book together that way I have an extra set of eyes to check the dates!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

getting organised

Ok so with a trip to "the big smoke" happening on Saturday it means that I have had to get organised early. That means for me "lists" A list for what to do for the week a list of what I need to take to Melbourne a list of all the jobs that I need to get done before Friday. Phew Im tired allready. So to date I have all the lists done plus my talk for relief society done a week a head of time. I still have a fair bit to do but hey its only Sunday! Packing will be done last a nd heres hoping I can find something to wear before I go!