Thursday, February 28, 2008

Funny thief

Sometimes life is funnier than fiction. I just saw in the news tonight a guy who decided that he was going to rob a hotel in Sydney. He had the balaclava on and the gun ready in the tellers face when 50 bikies came running out of the pokies area chasing him out of the building! Man this guy was running for his life! Ive never laughed so hard! Go the bikies hehehehehehe!!!!!

We had some unexpected visitors on Saturday afternoon Bec and Una. They ended up staying for dinner and played heaps with Niamh and Gabriel. They have ben smart and listened to friends advice about holding off having a baby till after they had been married at least a year. I know that they are both looking forward to being parents Im just glad that they are waiting :o)

We decided to drop in and see my Aunty Judy who works at the Grand Chancellor Hotel in town. Im glad that we did as she thought that Niamh's blessing was next week .lol She had a hold and played with her a bit :o) I bought some balloons and plates etc for the blessing today. Im making the food tomorrow so its going to be a busy day! Dad and Robyn fly in at 10.30 so its going to be late for them but they'll be fine :o) I always love seeing my family down here. Im hoping that mum will come down again soon she hasnt seem the new house yet and Id like her to visit again.

Ive got

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

a busy week

I cant believe its been a week since I last wrote on the blog. All the days seem to be blending together, but I think thats what happens when your a busy mum. The kids have a day off school tomorrow as its Launceston Cup Day, Allen is not so lucky and has to go to work I dont understand why as all the stores wil be closed!
Niamh had another visit to the health nurse today she has now doubled her birth weight! Good girl! Shes going through a growth spurt right now and is drinking alot! I feed her 4 times in 2 hours before she went to bed tonight Ouch!
Gabriel tried to go for a walk Sunday avo out the front gate and down the road, he was being bought back up the driveway when Allen and Xaviour sprinted out the gate. It gave us all a scare its the first time he's done that, he usually just heads for Simones to play with the kids (like today). He really loves playing with Hallie and Sarra, and they love it too :o) I dont know what he'll do when they move away poor thing he'll be lost!
I payed for all my Ebay purchases today so Im looking forward to geting those in a few weeks :o)
Gabriel turns 2 in a few weeks and Jasmine turns 15 in a few days. Its a bsy month for birthdays with Gabriel born on dads birtday so I better get him something soon too. Jasmine is having a sleep over and Im kind hoping that only half the girls turn up as shes invited 8! AHHHH! We're aslo having a family party for her while dads here so she'll like that :o) We also have Niamh's blessing this Sunday so Im hoping that goes well. I know that Allen was stressed last time with Gabriels blessing and his mother didnt help any.... We wont have that problem this time as neither of them are coming, Allen asked his dad to come down for the blessing and help him but he said no :o( Ohh well their loss.

Monday, February 18, 2008

dinner with the Grahams

Last night we had the Graham family for dinner, it was fun having all the kids there :o) After dinner we taught them how to play the chocolate game, then they decided to play "spoons". The chocolate game is always fun but we put a 10 minute time limit on it as it starts to get wild after that. Spoons also gets crazy after a time, so that gets limits put on it also :o) All in all everyone had a great time. Next time we'll have to make it a lunch so the kids have more time to play :o)

I also got my shoes from my shoe party back in December I have apic here of 1 of the pairs I bought.

Niamh seems to be changing every day at the moment so Im trying to take lots of pictures of her here are some new ones ohh and of Gabriel who is such a ham!

Thursday, February 14, 2008

Valentines day

Well yesterday was abig day for our house the kids went back to school for the year WOOHOO!!! and it was Valentines day a day for ALlen to redeem himself after the pressent he got me for my birthday didnt go down well. Practicle pressents are fine I dont have an issue with that but Please! Nana kneeling pads for the garden thats just asking for trouble!

He did go back to basics this year and got me a pair of pearl earings they are not what I would have choosen to buy but they are a 110% improvement :o) Ive always told him if your stuck for a pressent small and sparkliy works for me every time :o)

The kids went back to schhol and Jasmine being in year 9 and Xaviour on his last year of primary school in grade 6. They both were keen to go back after such a long break and seemed pleased with the day after they go home yesterday afternoon. I made them a treat of Chocolate Brownies when they got home. Ive been experimenting with different recipes I like this one I just need to get the timing right of when to take them out of the oven somewere between squishy and cake.. Still working on that.

I also ahd my first day at home with both the little kids without having one of the big kids to help me. Its nice to just hand Niamh to one of the big kids when she crying and you need to visit the loo. :o) The day went really well I got all my jobs done for the day and Niamh had a nice nap in the morning before her feed and another nap in the afternoon. Gabriel even slept for 2 hours which is unheard of! So I got a heap of stuff done while they were napping :o)

Jasmine is off to her first chior camp for the year tonight so it'll be a quiet weekend for us all :o) I think Allen has a project set to do this weekend I hope it involves mowing the lawn ;o)

Monday, February 11, 2008

Twinkle Toes

Heres a picture of Niamh's beautiful feet, toes which we can both see now without the plaster :o)

Also a photo of the offending Zucchini bread that Gabriel decided to feed to the wiggles via the VCR

wiggily wiggily woo

Today Niamh and I went to visit our friendly physios to check on her foot. After doing some exercises with her and looking at the wrinkles on Niamh's ankles. After doing all that physio stuff they decided that her foot looked great and after some play time with the girls we were sent home with just some exercises to do :o) Yay for Niamh!

wiggles in trouble

I got home from the physio and found that Gabriel had been busy with his new obsession "The Wiggles" we have been subjected to the Wiggles for over a week now. Gabriel gets very excited when the movie goes on we have several different ones so the changing of the movies goes on for most of the day. The problem today was that Gabriel had been eating some of our Zucchini bread and decided that the Wiggles were hungry and put it into the VCR! It meant having to vacume the VCR which was fun for us all hehehe. During this Gabriel kept pleading to watch the next movie hehehe Funny Monday.

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Sunday male

Its always funny when someone falls asleep where they shouldnt. That extends to Allen who fell asleep in the chapel again! This time the guys thought it was so funny they all crept out and left him there snoring on his own :o) He of course blamed Niamh saying she put him to sleep yeah right!

Niamh has been brilliant sleeping up to 7 hours at night! woohoo! Im not expecting it to last allthough I hope it does :o) She also had her audiology appointmet on Friday which she passed :o) Gabriel on the other hand has developed a cold as a result of his 2 year old teeth coming through, so he's grumpy and tired because he isnt sleeping well at night. grrr! Im hoping that the 2 little ones will team up and sleep at the same time soon.

Jasmine has started her chior again for another year, so every Sunday and Friday we travel into Launceston for rehearsal. Next weekend she has a camp for chior and even though that sounds like fun its actually very long and demanding as Elana her chior master has them practising all their new sogs for 2 days! We get to pick her up late on the Sunday afternoon and get a peek at the songs for the year.

Xaviour is busy back in training for the up coming soccer season even though it doesnt start for another few months hes out there kicking the ball against the trampoline so it bounces back and he kicks it again. He wants to try out for the reginals this year so Im getting ready for a full year of driving.....

Allen had a full week at work last week and is doing alot of canvasing for new clients.

Dad (aka) Papa was booking his flights down for Niamh's blessing next month, and after Allen spoke to my Aunty Judy (who lives in Beconsfield) hes going to be in stife for not telling her about the blessing. tut tut!!

We are off to the physio tomorrow to have her leg checked for (I hope) the last time. Its looking really good and not turning in at all :o)

Another busy week planned! Kids back at school on Thursday yippee! It also happens

to be Valentines day so I wonder if anyone remembers??

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Plaster girl

Every Wednesday for the past few weeks I have been going to St Giles to have Niamh's plaster changed on her foot. Today we had it removed and I was waiting for them to replaster and Lessa our physio told me that they were giving her a break for a week :o) I was very pleased and she now has a nice naked leg and had her first bath in a few weeks. I've been sponge bathing her which isnt the same. She also got to wear her p'j's with feet in them which she hasnt been able to wear. Im also looking forward to going to our swim night this Friday in Devenport.

swimming lessons

Gabriel and I have been having swimming lessons at the Launceston Swim Centre for the past 2 weeks. Gabriel has not enjoyed it as much as I thought he would. He loves the bath and his paddling pool so I thought that he'd love the swimming but I was wrong..... We have been having screaming and crying during the lessons which is heaps of fun for me (not)! I was beginning to think that he'd never like it but today was much better with little crying even when going under the water! I aslo had a chat with a good friend Jay who sent me to this great web site which has some fantastic swimming vests. I've had a look and love the look of them and am buying one for Gabriel. Check out the site. Ohh and Jasmine said to mention that she has actually got in the pool and helped with the lesson too. yay for Jasmine it means I didnt have to get wet :o)

Friday, February 1, 2008

cute babies

Heres Niamh smiling for mummy and Gabriel having some cute time with his little sister

Swimming class

We started swimming classes with Gabriel this week. Its through the local council here in the Meander Valley. We have 2 weeks of classes at 2$ each plus we have a free bus that takes us into Launceston for the classes how cool is that!

Gabriel isnt enjoying it much yet we've had screaming and crying every class so far *groan*. The worst part is that I have to get in the pool as well and look like Im enjoying going under the water as well! Simone my excellent neighbour has her 2 youngest kids coming to class too so Hallie whos 4 and Oliver 2 1/2 are in the pool as well. We all travel on the bus which is fun for the kids. Gabriel is so tired after the class that he falls asleep on the way home each time :o) Its very cute.

We also have been taking some very cute (well I think so ) pictures of Niamh shes been smiling at us and making the most gorgeous noises. Gabriel has been taking

advantage of having the camera out.