Friday, January 30, 2009

more photos

This is Gabriel having some fun with my camera the little monkey!

Gabriel and Niamh playing together

Niamh watching Gabriel play on the drum

Ohh yes this was the cake that Allen made for my Birthday I know it looks super wierd but thats what he wanted it to lok like. It still tasted good :o)

This is Lisa isnt she just glowing! Shes engaged to Shane (see next picture) I cant wait for them to get married!

This is Shane he's so sweet and is going to be a good dad check out Niamh she just climbed into his lap :)

Niamh and her talking dog she loves it, she got it for Christmas from Grandma :o)

Awww see she loves it! She wont share this with Gabriel she screams when he picks it up.

Gabriel and Niamh eating chocolate frogs and trying to watch Nemo at the same time.

Niamh and her "blankie" she wont sleep without it even when its too hot!

Bath time again its a nightly event not always with bubbles they tend to eat them hehehhe


Man its been hot here for the past few days! The kids have spent the past 2 days in and out of the pool (its only a small one don't freek out). The animals have been too hot poor shadow our little dog was too tired and hot to bark yesterday. It got to 39C yesterday which is unheard of in Tassie (thats 102 F) we might get the odd low 30's but yesterday was disgusting! The little kids are having a really hard time trying to sleep even with the airconditioner on, I put the fans in the little kids rooms just to cool them off. Gabriel didnt go to sleep till after 9.30 last night which was painfull for everyone, Niamh went down ok but the heat kept waking her up and at 4am she refused to go back to sleep so I stayed up with her till 5.30 am before she went back to sleep.

It was also way too hot for our fethered friendsthe chickens with 2 of them dying yesterday afternoon, the laying pen was that hot that it cooked all the eggs they had laid! So now we have 1 left with a hope that a friend can get us a couple more soon. Its going to be hot again today 35C. Im trying my best to keep the plants alive with late night watering in the vegie patch. Hey it could be worse I could be in Melbourne where its been 40C and over! EWWWWWWWW!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

windy days

Today has been SUPER windy I even had to rescue the washing that was being blown of the line! Needless to say we wont be going swimming in the pool today :o)
Ive got heaps of pictures to put up which I'll do when I find all the right bits... Allen was busy last night installing a security alarm for the house we are very.... wary of our new neighbours and the company that they have been keeping so to be on the safe side we know have an alarm. The house is very quiet right now with Gabriel still napping and Alen and NIamh sleeping on the bed, yep Im getting heaps done while there is peace :o) I also finally got a chance to watch "The curious case of Benjamin Buttons" last night and yes I did cry.. not that its a surprise I cry in the huggies adds. I was very pleased with myself on Tuesday afternoon when I went to have another round of blood work done the guy got a vain first time he was very gentle I didnt even feel it which is great for me with my arms. Gabriel sat on my lap the whole time and said "ouch" really softly tome and said "it's ok mummy" and rubbed my hand it was so cute. I have another apointment with Alister next month so we'll see how the results read then.
Jasmine and her friend Elsbeth have been having a great time at the university this week during the science expo it finishes today and they have both had a great time and learnt heaps of new stuff.

Thursday, January 8, 2009

Teddy Awards

I went and picked up a copy of Time magazine last week so I could read a bit more about the new pressident, its been an interesting read. What I thought was great was the Teddy Awards column. I'll give you an example of what I mean:
"Americas pressident elect certainly merits this years Teddy Award, distributed to mark hornorable behaviour in the political arena...... he restained himself -dispite great temptations, despite exhortions from the press-to get into the gutter with his opponent..... He offered a dignified, honorable campaign to a nation that badly needed one... And what of his oppenent? John McCain spent almost all of his energy trying to besmirch his opponent without offering a memorable new idea....George W.Bush .... his last year in office is among his worst-clueless in crisis.
I cant agree more! I (even though Im not American) understand what a new pressident can do for the world I understand the pwer and influence he has and that decisions that that ONE person makes can alter the lives of these here n Australian as much as they can in his own country. I believe that this new pressident will do great things and I cant wait to see what they are Im watching history in the making and I love it!

days of old

Yes its been and gone for another year, my birthday was on Tuesday and I wasnt expecting alot this year as in previous years Ive been dissapointed so I decided to just be happy with a extra 30 mins sleep. I was pleasently surprised this year with a breakfasst in bed (which I really dont like but I grinned and took it), A rose from my garden on my tray a happy birthday song and a call from my dad. I thought that was great but wait theres more! After Allen drove Jasmine to work (she started at 7am) he came in and gave me all my pressies, ALl the boxes were small so I smiled right away. ANything that comes in a small square box Im going to like :o) I got a new ring from ALlen yes he actually did some planning for this birthday and was very sneeky and hid my pressies for a long time! He also bought me a locket to put a picture of all the kids in, I also got some earrings from my dad and a bottle of Oscar de la Renta perfume. I'll post some photos later my batteries have run low and need recharging so I'll put some up later :o)
I also got a HUGE cake I asked for a chocolate Ripple cake and I got one but Allen used 5 packets of biscuits and 3 containers of cream! It was alot of cake but he invited Simone and Simon over as well as Jackie so they helped eat some too. I then got treated to a day of no cleaning and no cooking very nice :o) I was able to read a few chapters of my book which was nice to do in the sun. At dinner time ALlen made tea for us just us 2 which was great we sat at the table and talked till he picked the big kids up :o) All in all a great day and Im very lucky to have had Allen home for it this year. I guess that puts some ressure on me to outdo him this year ;o) I bet I can its his 40th this year so watch this space.....

Saturday, January 3, 2009

Family thinking

All the kids and ALlen at a chinese restaurant while in the states last year

As the new year starts I always ponder what it may have in store for us. I was thinking about ALlens 3 older kids in the states and how its been over a year since we last saw them, I know it upsets him not being close by and I know he wishes that were different, who knows what the year will bring? Ive been thinking about my role in their lives which is minimal and thats my choice I didnt feel it was needed for themto have a "step mum" they have a mother who loves and cares for them and Im not there and have only met them once. Id like to over the next few years develop a more "friendship" with the kids especially Catlyn she is the oldest and smart as a whip! I hope that one day she'll want to visit her dad and I here in Australia and we can spend some time getting to know one another and Allen can build his relationship up again with her. The younger 2 kids Morgan and Brittany have a very close relationship with their step-dad which is great and I hope that they will also come and visit and see their dad here.

As for my kids I hope that Jasmine has a fantastic year with her finishing high school and starting college next year, Xaviour starts high school this year so hes loking forward to that, Gabriel will be going to pre-kinda this year and Niamh and I will be still going to play group on Mondays.

Im looking forward to this year and all that it has in store for us all.

lies, lies and more lies

I get more than a little annoyed when people tell me lies. Ive had a recent run in with some "so called friends" who haven't been honest from day one! Today I found out that there are more lies! It annoys me no end when these people lie to my face and ALlens then see us at church and smile at us! I get more than a little ticked off especially when I find police at my door asking questions about a car we sold to others! NOT HAPPY