Saturday, September 25, 2010

service on super saturday

Ok so I planned the day ahead of time. I needed to as its Grand Final day! SO I went to the spermarket yesterday to get all the supplies for the day (bugger the diet for 1 day). I also organised to do some service for Maureen today to move some rocks from her garden. SO at 9.30 we were in Deloraine digging up rocks and throwing them in the back of Allens truck we got them home just as it started to rain and ALLen Xaviour and I were throwing them off the truck into a pile nest to the remaining tan bark pile.
Jasmine took the little kids inside and we came in a few mins later. I did all my Sat cleaning and then it was time to get lunch ready in anticipation for the start of the game! Im not a Saints or Collingwood supporter I actually support Carlton but when your cousin plays for the Saints I felt I need to support the family :o) So decked out in my saints gear we sat down to watchthe game.
It was a real hard game with my heart in my mouth on more than one occasion, but to end in a draw?! Everyone was stunned now its time to do it all over again next week!?! Carn the SAints! I do think BJ took the mark of the day awsome fly!