Monday, January 18, 2010


Its finally coming down to the wire. Yes we are only days away from the birth of our last baby boy. The feeling is definantly one of "we are done". I have everything set up for him in bedroom, the cot is set up the change table is ready full of nappies and blankets. The cupboard is full of clothes and the capsule is ready to put in the car. Dad is busy this week looking at the car that we hope will be ok to buy, he's my car expert. The car is in Melbourne so he's driving up to the country for the day to have a look at it and if its ok then bring it over for us then we can sell the Kia.

The pregnancy has not been good but then I havent had one that was. Im very much looking forward to getting some of my body back and holding that little boy. Everything is hard to do right now, walking hurts as the baby is sitting so low that his shoulders are gratting agaist my pelvis. Sitting hurts for the same reason and driving is becoming an issue as the seat is so far back I can only just reach the peddles! I'm kinda over the swelling to my feet, legs and hands. its sore just to touch and bending hurts a its so swollen :o(

The only thing that keeps me going is the fact that this will be our last baby and so Im concerntrating on that. Gabriel and Niamh are talking about the baby and when he will get here. They are touching my tummy and Gabriel kisses my tummy "for the baby".

I know that I'll be relieved when he is here and Jasmine is getting excited about coming in to see the birth then the fun starts :o)

Monday, January 4, 2010


Last night was a testerone overload here we had the missionaries stay over then we have ALlen and his friend from that states and Gabriel! Thats way too many boys in one house for me. Then when I though that we had gone down back to an acceptable level Gabriel decided to try and eat yes eat a light globe! Nimah had some fairy lights around her bed that I took down because she kept pulling them out and there was one lone bulb on the bench in my bathroom and yes I think he though hmm its yellow must be worth eating, wrong! He came out spitting and complaing that his mouth was sore I rang the hospital and they told me what to do. Grr what a doppy thing to do?