Monday, November 26, 2007

baby baby

Well I've only got 21 "official" days of being pregnant left. I am really tired of it now the baby is so low down I'm starting to waddle like a giant duck. I've "dropped" and have been having some contractions but nothing more than a few twinges. grrrrrrrr. We also have decided that changing her name is a good idea, Ella was we thought the perfect name. Although after finding that it was one of the top 10 baby girls names for 2007 we didnt like it as much :o( What was funny was that on Sunday I saw a friend Belinda Terry shes due 3 days after me and is alos having a girl. We started talking and eventually got to asking about names and they have also picked Ella as their new daughters name! It was so funny we just laughed being due the same time and same names etc. I did mention to her what our new name was for our baby (no I'm not saying). She liked that name too. We are keeping it a secret till her birth then everyone can groan at us.

Allen had the day off work today and spent an hour talking to his big sister Jody on the phone. I really enjoyed spending time with her and her family while we were in Utah they made me feel part of the family which was nice and the first time I've felt accepted for just being me. Its been hard with Allens parents his mum Sally REALLY doesnt likke me and although Billy and I had some spats while he was here last he seems to be over it and has been making an effort to patch things up with Allen and I. I'm affrais there is no hope of that with Sally shes deturmined to hold a grudge against me foreven I think. Ohh well her loss I say. Shes missing out on so much with Gabriel and with the new baby coming I was hoping that she would see whats shes going to be missing and just put the past behind her.... I was wrong :o(
Jody and I talked about it a bit while I was staying with her and she said that Sally wont appoligise for what she said and did and that I just need to let it go at that. I understand that it just makes things so hard for Allen and I but hey its cut down on the amount of calls to the states!

Friday, November 23, 2007

Anniversary Dissapointment

Well its our wedding anniversary today not that you would pick it. It just seems like another ordinary day :o( I did get a card this year unlike past years but no pressie and no dinner date which is what we usually do :o( I think I was more dissapointed because while we were away he hinted that he had bought something for me for our anniversary. Wrong.... I got him something which he was really keen to open, but I didnt get anything. I spent up big last year over 500$ buying him a really nice telescope all I got last year was a jewellery box which I dont particularly like. It looks cheap and nasty and isnt much good and holding all the stuff I have anyway. Ohh well I guess I can hope for next year. I havent done very well in the pressent recieving this year I mean he forgot my birthday!!!! Completely forgot! Valentines day was a fizzer and now this. :o( I know I shouldnt be so materalistic and want for these things but its always nice to recieve something when you yourself have gone to the trouble to do it for them. Its just nice to reciprocate.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007

slack master

I cant believe how slack Ive been with the blog! What with Gabriels fever coming and going and appointmets in town etc its been really busy.
I had another appointment with my midwife today and she checked the baby and I. She said the baby is head down and engaged woohoo! The bummer in the conversation came when she mentioned that because of the emergency "C" section last baby the hospital will not want to induce the labour as it may tear the uterine lining. Bugger! So I have no choice but to go into labour on my own grrrrrr!
I also had some great news last week. Dad rang and siad he had got an email from a woman who asked if he had a daughter called Katherine. We figured out that it was an old school friend of mine called Dominique! We exchanged a few emails before attatching phone numbers and addresses so we could chat again. Its been 14 years so we had alot to chat about :) It was nice to hear from her and Id love to catch up in person when we both have the time free.
I aslo finally heard from my best friend Jason its beena a hit and miss thing of late when hes online Im not that sort of thing. I miss him heaps hes the one person other than my husband who knows everything about me. They could be easily bribed if I ever became a polli hahaha!
Speaking of pollies there is only one more day we are forced to endure campain adds before the election this Saturday woohoo!!!! Im still not sure who to vote for it all seems pointless when they are all making promises they wont keep.hmmmm
Allen and I celebrate another year of marriage together tomorrow Ive been very slack this year I usually have pressie and card organised weeks before hand but this year well..... I got them today, talk about last minute! Im looking forward to reading Allens card that he bought for me, I put alot of importance into a card its taken him a while to get the message but he had mine ready a few days ago so Im impressed about that. Here's hoping that he's read the card this year as last year he didnt and ended up giving me a birthday card by mistake.hmmmm?
I'll endeavour to put all the datails of our trip O.S plus some photos soon!

Friday, November 9, 2007

goodbye to the vomit comet

Finally after almost a solid week Gabriel has gotten over his tummy bug. We dosed him up with anti emetics that kept him asleep and gave his body a chance to rest phew!!!
Everything seems to be getting back to normal bills to pay and Jasmine back at chior and concerts allready (one tonight). I also got some great news that I can finally share that my friend Rebecca.G is engaged and her party is next week and the wedding is 2 weeks later! Wow! It seems that immigration are giving them a haard time ( I know all about that!) So we are off to their place next Thursday night to celebrate ;)
Its the Huge Westbury show day tomorrow and to avoid all the noise and unexpected visitors wanting to drop in, Jasmine and I are going into town to look for a cot for the baby. I spent a few hours today cleaning out the cupboard and sorting all the clothes into sizes again. Ive got all the things for the baby ready to take to the hospital I just need to get my stuff done and Im ready to go. I keep getting this feelig to be ready I think Im going to go early. Well I can hope.

Sunday, November 4, 2007

Back from the trip

Well today is Monday so technically we have been beack for 3 days now. It should have been 4 days but our travel agent stuffed up our return flights to Launceston!!! We finally got home and unpacked straight away, we had that much luggage that we had to send 4 bags by frieght. We were all looking forward to our first nights sleep in our own beds but it wasnt to be... Gabriel caught some tummy bug on the plane back to Launceston and spent the night throwing up, and that ment Allen and I getting no sleep just cleaning up after the poor little thing. He looked better on Saturday and we all breathed a sigh of relief but it was short lived, I started throwing up that afternoon and so did Allen. The older kids seem to have gotten away with not getting it so thats a blessing. Im still very sore aching all over and having contractions just to add to the fun grrrr.
Jasmine went off to choir practice this afternoon and is still deciding weather or not to continue with Sing Elon next year. She has really enjoyed it but it has been very hectic this year. Xaviour was glad to get home and see his new soccer trophy from this year.
Allen got stuck into mowing the lawn which now looks respectable, the ride on needs to go in to be serviced bummer more money.
We only had 2 bills from the time we were away so I was pleased with that.
I had my last ultrasound on Friday and everything looks great. Shes head down bum up and the spot on her heart seems to be gone. Even my placenta seems to have moved out of the way so I should be able to have a natural birth after all. We also got a weight estimate on the baby, shes currently 4pd and if I go full term will probably get to 7.5pd. Wow was I happy about that! A little baby :)
Im going to go through all our photos in the next few weeks and put them all upits going to take me some time but I'll get it done.