Saturday, December 15, 2012

Sydney a different view

Im here in Sydney the Harbour City and its hot not that I notice in my comfotable chair in my airconditioned room. Im not a luxury hotel but back in hospital at The Macquarie University Hospital to be exact. Its nice and quiet for me while I recover from my opperation. Finally after 12 months and doctors telling me its wasnt opperable, I found a doctor who;
1. Listened to his patient
2. Said that yes he could help.
I was stunned and yes I cried after he said he could help me, who wouldnt after all this year being in and out of hospital with doctors not knowing or understanding what I had or who to see or talk to , to get me treated. It was so nice to have a doctor who understood what I was saying and wasnt shaking his head at me when I mentioned my syptoms. It was even nicer when he said he could opperate right away.
So here I sit with a shaved back head and over a dozen staples in the back of my head, trying to get movement back into my neck after the muscles where stretched for surgery. Im feeling better each day and hope to be outof here in another day or so, then another few days before I can fly home (airline regulations due to cranial surgery).
Im looking even more now forward to Christmas with my family and glad that the worst seems to be behind me. Im still a bit dizzy and not great on my feet if I put my head down but Im getting back on track and with the blessing I received today I know that things are only going to get better! xxx