Sunday, September 28, 2008

babies and billiecarts

Its been a busy week and it seems that the closer that we get to the end of the year the days seems to blend into each other. After doing the shopping on Tuesday it all turned into a blur. I did my visting teaching on Thursday morning an I felt really good after I visited all my sisters. I spent lunch with Peggy who is so special I love her alot, Ive learnt alot from her too. The kids have been so funny this week with so much rain the walls feel like they are closing in on me and Gabriel NEEDS to get outside! We went to playgroup on Monday which ws great bu it poured with rain so he didnt get to play outside. Im hoping tomorrow will be clear enough for him to get out. Niamh is crawling about and a really quick pace, and has started pulling herself up onto funiture and legs and anything else thats upright. Shes still so little she looks like a baby doll :o)

Today we went to Xaviours soccer pressentation its always longgggg as there are so many kids at the club ab Gabriel was getting very tired of sitting still. ALlen got up and thanksed all the parents for their help and support each week and the kids gave him a great photo of them all in a frame with a plaque. He was really pleased.

Yesterday we went to the Stake BIlliecart challenge its fun every year watching these kids go zooming down a huge hill. This year ws no different with lots of spills a few misshaps with the carts and LOTS of sheep poo flying everywhere. It was a girls against the boys race and for the record Our girls from Deloraine chappel won! Simon our resident police officer bought the radar gun with him to clock everyones speed. The girls got up to 47kph! They all had a ball as you can see by the photos. Gabriel even got a ride int he cart as they were towed back up the hill.

Allen has another job interview tomorrow morning so cross fingers and toes! This week will be a bit quieter :o) phew.

Ohh and congratulations to Jay and Sarah who are expecting :o)

Saturday, September 20, 2008

blog week

Its been an interensting week without the "big" kids here. Jasmine off on tour and Xaviour in Melbourne. Allen and Xaviour did manage to put the trampoline together before they left which was funny to watch hehehe.

Saturday we spent all day at the hospital with Niamh who had croup and has been sick all week coughing and crying cause it hurts her chest :o(

Gabriel was being a good brother and feeding his sister yoghurt they were playing and he hoped down from his chair at the bench and decided to share some with Niamh who had allready had a full one but he shared his it was super cute to watch :o)

Our chickens are finally laying eggs woohoo!

ALlen and I have been enjoying eating lots of fish this week and I made a really nice prawn salad with rice noodles on Thursday night, Gabriel wasnt as thrilled with it and started throwing it accross the table at us. Now normally I'd yell and tell him to knock it off but I was feeling silly and decided to join him :o) The result was noodles all over the floor and table and even the wall. ALlen totally refused to clean it up and so I waited till the morning when they had all gone crusty and sweeped them up.

Not much happened this week, Allens at home again his week so we'll have a chnace to get some stuff around the house done (thats if the weather improves).

Jasmine is due home tonight after a long flight so its going to be back to school for them on Monday :o)

Lets hope for some warmer weather this week

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

slack on blog

Ive been sooo slack not updating the blog (sorry). Its been a fun and interesting week. Last Wednesday Jasmine had to go into Launceston for a flag ceremony and the chior performed 1 song. They sounded ok the sound system wasn't the greatest :o(

We aslo had a huge cold snap last week w ith hail falling for about 30 mins! The deck was white from hail stones. We have also had some funky chicken business with the chickens constantly escaping from their pen and I found one of them (shes the leader) on the trampoline outside the sliding door looking at me through the window. Cheeky chicken. I was about to give up on them ever laying an edd when YIPPEE! We have eggs! I got so excited I did a little happy dance outside which unfortunantly my neighbour caught me doing (opps).

With soccer finally finished for the year and Jasmine having a free Saturday we decided to have a family day out. We went to the wildlife park in Launceston which was fun we had a great day out before going to Jasmine and Xaviours awards night at church. The awards night was great the food was alot better than last year and the kids got 2 awards each.

Jasmine went off to her chior tour on Monday I spoke to her last night on the phone and she is having a great time away and enjoying the sunshine.

Niamh and Gabriel are doing well Gabriel is going through another naughty stage hes escaping from the yard and getting into the washing powder again grrrrr. Niamh is going through a growth spurt and is eating everything that isnt nailed down. She had made such a mess the other day with a lamington that ALlen had to get the vacume out to clean her off before getting her out hehehehe. She just sat there watching :o) Ive been spending some time in the garden the past few days its ben so nice to be in the sunshine I mowed the back lawn yesterday while Xaviour did the front. I'm thinking about heading to the nursery on Saturday to get some more plants. We are also waiting for the kids new trampoline to arrive this week :o)

Monday, September 1, 2008

engrish is my second lanuage

I was watching the morning show last week when they reviewed this website called its so funny it has heaps of miss spelled and miss translated things from all over the world. I finally had a bit of a look tonight and found this heheheh I thught it was great I might see if I can order some for dad. I mean with fathers day coming up Im sure Robyn will get some use out of it :o) HAHAHAHA!

Well Its the first day of Spring and I was looking forward to taking the kids to Playgroup thismorning we were up and ready to go I asked Gabriel to find his shoes and for the first time he actually bought them to me to put them on! I was so excited that he'd managed to do that, that I didnt hear that outside it was literally raining cats and dogs! With no car (allens been taking mine) it meant a day at home stuck inside. I managed to get Niamh down for her morning nap and was about to get Gabriel some morning tea when I noticed he had suddenly become very quiet hmmm not a good sign so I went in to see where he was and he had fallen asleep on the couch. awwww he looked so cute so I grabbed the camera only to find the batteries were flat !!!! AGHHH. Im hoping that the rain will go away by Wednesday as Jasmine is signing in Town.

ALlen is taking Mother Jacki to the airport in the morning she off to Melbourne for a while to help Alison out. I know she'll sort things out :o)

Well Im off to bed Ive been going to bed early each night so as to get a few hours sleep before Niamh wakes up at around 12.30am.