Tuesday, October 28, 2008

AWWWWW how cute is this

Poor Xaviour..... He tired little Niamh out so much that she feel sound asleep on his tummy. SHe stayed that way for over half an hour Xaviour was trapped on the floor and knowing how much he loves having his photo taken I took full advantage and snapped these :o)

We love you daddy!

Mornings are always hectic at home with 2 kids heading to school a 2 year old who wants everything right now! Then I have Niamh who in the moring actually growls at you like a little bear to be feed. The first thing though is the bed hug. Niamh usually comes to bed first with Gabriel following they bounce around and climb over us before finally the hunger worm growls and then we head to the kitchen. This is what poor daddy looks like when hes being cuddled by Gabriel doesnt he look pleased hehehe

Gabriels haircut

Gabriel had been due for a haircut for a while and finally daay got tired of me making faces and got the clippers out to give him a trim. It took a while and Gabriel doesnt like to sit still for very long. So after about 20 mins of trimming and getting lots of hair out of his face and mouth, he finally got done and he had to be given a bath to get rid of the remains of the hair. The bath is in the kids bathroom so instead of making him walk through the house in the nuddie we just threw him in our shower next to daddy. He enjoyed it so much that now when we are trying to have a shower hes busy taking his clothes off!!!

watch out Im on the move

We've been watching Niamh daily and seeing her progress with her walking. She can walk using her walker and also when she hanging onto the furniture. Shes really funny to watch and her feet and the way she moves in space. With her still wearing her boots and bars at night now she stands like she's still in them :o) Allen said something about her being a good ballet dancer I said hold that thought for now, shes a bit young for that. She has been having a great time getting around and playing with Gabriel the two of them laughing at goodness knows what is nice to listen to it makes you smile :o)

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

The fairies have been

Tuesday night I was reminded with 2 minutes warning that I had to talk at young womens. So with 2 minutes to get everything together with the little kids and still having only half their dinner Jasmine and I were running around the house like chickens with our heads off trying to get all the stuf together and still be there on time. While we were away my washing fairy (AKA Simone) came by and pulled the washing off the line, folded it AND left a block of chocolate for us! It was so nice and it gave me a big smile :o)

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Your going the right way for a smacked bottom!

Its never going to end!!!!!! Ive started the ball rolling and now the avalanche is approaching. SAVE YOURSELVES!

For something that was meant in genuine good humor has been taken soooo far out of context its not funny Allen has spat it with his parents which again I think is sad.

Its not that serious I mean really!?!

I have learnt that even though some people were not privey to my humor or opinions because apparently Im not allowed to have one because Im not American....

I would like to thank those people who supported me and thought that yes I do have a brain and can actually have an opinion. (thanks Erik and Jess).

Maybe I sh\uld \avelistened to my father when he told me that at the dinner table you dont talk about politics or religion it just gives people gas

Monday, October 13, 2008

Presesident who???


Im in the bad books again... Ohh hang on no thats not right Ive never left! My Stick up her bottom mother in law sent me the floowing email:

An email from Ireland to all of their brethren in the States... a point to ponder despite your political affiliation: About all the information you might need..... THE EXECUTIVE SUMMARY I know that some of you don't like to read long drawn out missives... so here's the executive summary......... Congress Military John McCain 26 Years 22 Years Barack Obama 143 Days 0

We in Ireland can't figure out why you people are even bothering to hold an election in the United States . On one side, you had a pants wearing female lawyer, married to another lawyer who can't seem to keep his pants on, who just lost a long and heated primary against a lawyer, who goes to the wrong church, who is married to yet another lawyer, who doesn't even like the country her husband wants to run! Now... On the other side, you have a nice old war hero whose name starts with the appropriate 'Mc' prefix, married to a good looking younger woman who owns a beer distributorship!! What are ya lads thinkin' over in the colonies!?

I thought it was funny so I sent a funny back:

Im on team Obama! I think its about time the country had a minority run the
country he might have some new ideas instead of being a stuffy old windbag
who probably wont live through a term in govenment giving it to a woman whos
daughter cant keep her legs closed.

Ok I know it was a bit tongue in cheek but hey its all a bit funny really I mean here in Australia we are a ittle bit more layed back when it comes to putting someone in the top job. Never the less my Inlaws didnt see my humor and I got a SLAP back this morning:

We should remember that our Presidents of the church are usually well past
the age of McCain when they became Presidents. As I recall Allen liked John
McCain. I wouldn't dream of getting involved in Australian politics because
it is not my place to do so as I am not a citizen. I remember a biblical
phrase that goes something like this......let he who has not committed a sin
cast the first stone. A parent cannot be with their child 24 hours a day 7
days a week I'm sure that you have regrets over some of the things you did
growing up also.
I am a registered Republican and so is Allen's Dad, for a Democrat with a
reputation of being the most liberal Senator be elected President we feel it
would be a BIG mistake. Sally and Billy

How or who we elect as our President is our responsibility not yours. We
don't tell you who you elect as your representatives. So in reality it's
none of Australia's business or concern. If you like him so much we will
send him to you. Billy
Allen and I thought that was a bit heavy handed and ALlen asked me to type this back to them:

Gee why dont you just cut my head off ! Excuse me but I was joking! As for representing MY country well since Im going to renounce my citizenship and become an Australian I really dont care who you vote for.

Its funny but here we are taking the election seriously I mean its looking like the next leader s going to be the first black pressident which is going to make him a very big target for a would be gunman. Australia knows that we have a huge amount of money invested in American banks as well as our exports to the states this all has a big impact on who is voted in. I noticed while in the states last year that the amount of overseas news coverage was very limited which made it very difficult to keep up with whats going on at home.

OK so Ive had my say I dont thin I did anything wrong and Allen and I agreed that they took it out of context AGAIN and refuse to see the funny sie in ANYTHING. Gee lighten up lifes to short to walk around with a face like a cats bum. Puckering up.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

weather problems

Im well and truely sick of this cold weather! Its been so cold here and the wind is freezing. The nights are still way to cold for me with it getting down to 1 degree last night! Im refusing to take the electric blanket off the bed till at gets up to t least 10 overnight.

The wet weather has also taken a toll on my tolerance. The little kids especilly Gabriel are feeling a bit cramped being inside for days on end. We went to playgroup on Monday but that was not enough of a break for either of them so I in my infinite wisdom decided to bring out 2 toys that I thought would reduce the bordom factor. I went and got the water table first (I know what your thinking) it has a table with a place to put water and sand, plus allthe acceccories that go with sand and water. Not wanting either of those in the house I used what the do at knda and got the rice out it acts in a similar way to water and sand so I thought perfect! It ws going well till Gabriel thought he would poor half the rice on the floor, then Niamh who is "crusing" around the furniture decided to pull herself up on the table it toppled over and rice went EVERYWHERE! Gabriel thought this was so funny that he shuffled his feet through it all and took it to parts of the house that we never thought it would end up.GRRRRR

Still not learning from my first mistake I decided to put the batteries in the organ for Gabriel to play with ... forgetting that the last time I did that he spent 3 days just playing the "demo" music up on high all day! He likes playing with music and I dont mind taht but the demo setting is super anoying! Still they have found that heaps of fun and have played together with Gabriel up one end and Niamh at the other they did look very cute :o)

I am grateful that Gabriel is now old enough that he will sit through most of a movie without moving hes discovered the muppets and we are watching those at the moment, its better than the wiggles everyday.... I just hope the sun comes out soon so we can get out in the garden! Ive bought a heap of toys for the little ones to play with outside for Christmas. I jst hope the sun is out by then to use them.

Sunday, October 5, 2008

stress week

Its been a stressfull week for me. Ive been waiting for Allen to tell me he has a new job but Im still waiting... We went to Centrelink to fill in alll the forms ... Only to fond out that because we have money in the bank we cant get anything till the middle of next month! I mean thats just madness, Its just silly just because we have been smart enough to save we are penalised for it. Its crap!
On the plus side this week Gabriel and Niamh have had afun week of playing together and Niamh has discovered the trampoline and thinks its great fun to crawl around on the mat with me and Gabriel.
I did manage to get some mowing done with it all being done by yesterday. woohoo. Ive also managed to find out how our escape chickens were getting out and now Im not checking all the garden for the eggs.
Ive also started another Jody Pilcoult book and have another one ready to read when Im done.
Im hoping that we get a call this week about a job. Ive got to take dinner to Sue and her family tomorrow as shes having a cateract operation and wont be able to cook so Im making something for her and her family for the next few days. Its her birthday on Friday so Im making her an early cake tomorrow :o)
I made a cake last week for Shiela and Harrys 65th wedding anniversary and everyone thought t was great :o) I made sure that it loked good as well as tasted great. I made a "tester" cake a few days befroe hand and got Simone to check it for me, I love having her next door to talk to and taste all my dodgy creations.