Monday, April 30, 2012

Pain and challenges

When I was given my diagnosis a few months ago I really didnt think much about it other than it being a major pain with not being able to walk properly and my new stutter. Since then things have changed as Ive gotten a clearer picture of what exactly this means for me and what it means to have this condition and how it will affect me on a daily basis. The weather is changing and that isnt helping me at all its hurting all the time and with the added benefit of me being highly alergic to any form of opiates I can't take most of the pain medications either over the counter or on prescription. Its been a hard few months. Im not looking forward to winter as the weather is setting in and the cold is just going to get worse from here. I finally get to see my surgeon on the 15th of next month and I will be bombarding him with questions. Its a challenge some days just to get up out of bed because my head hurts so much and my leg and hip hurts to walk. I'm hoping he can help that he has some answers, because I dont like being in pain like this and I dont want to have another attack, because who knows what the next one will throw at me.