Sunday, December 26, 2010

Christmas Day

Ok so Christmas is over for another year phew! We had a nice day allthough it would have been nice to have some family members with us... maybe next year. We spent the morning opening all the pressents and then the rest of the morning putting them together. Jasmine and I attempted twice to put the doll house together we both got an F . Allen took over and got it done in half the time. Then Allen and I started to get lunch on the go the kids played happily while lunch was being cooked. Hezekiah feel asleep before we even got lunch on the table which was cute :o) After lunch nana Jacki came by with her famous Christmas pudding its become a bit of a tradition and we love it! Then we sat for a few hours to catch our breath before heading out to the Websters for tea. We had heaps of fun and played some great games :o) Niamh got bitten by something we think it was an ant and then to add to it her eardrum burst during the night poor thing was in a fair bit of pain thank goodness I have kids panadol in the fridge. Can't wait till next year :o)
This is what the kitchen looked like after lunch
Lunch done and all the kids dissapeared

Allen with his new pressie MP3 player

Gabriel and Niamh eating lunch

Jasmine ewww no licking fingers thanks

Poor Hezekiah was so tired he feel asleep on Jasmines lap before lunch was ready

All the food minus the dessert the kids were hungry!

My nice place settings

Me putting the pinapple and cloves in the ham prior to cooking

Allen supossed to be helping!

Niamh and her doll house it was a pain to put together

Hezekiah riding his new bike

The growing mess in the loungeroom

Hezekiah on his bike with Jasmine giving him a hand

Niamh opening another gift there was alot of paper

Xaviour opening his pressents and a smile!

Hezekiah with one of his pressents

Gabriel and his remote control car

Niamh opening her pressent very carefully

Hezekiah more interested in his beads than the pressent in front of him

ALlen and Niamh and Gabriel waiting patiently

Jasmine wishing she was still in bed

Allen trying to work out whos is whos

Niamh with her bag of goodies from her stocking

Hezekiah eating the beads with his cute bib on :o)

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Niamhs birthday

Morgan as a very dangerous fairy
Morgan Chey and Droy aka spiderman, batman, ninja turtle.

Spidergirl hehehe

awwww sleeping babe

Some of the boxes there were 150 packed to the brim

Some of the helpers Leia, phobe, kayla chey, Deidre.

Happy Birthday baby girl

mmmm cake!

Yes its always hectic at this time of year especially when you have a little girl wjo's bithday is in the same week as Christmas :o) This year I made 2 cakes for Niamh one was for the end of year party at playgroup and the other one was for us at home. I platently copied it from another one that I saw on another blog site, so dont think for one minute that it was my design! I did add to it I made it double decker and I added the pink musk sticks because Niamh loves everything pink :o)
We alos packed boxes for Deloriane house yesterday which was (always is) a very spiritual experience, its very humbling to see how many people in our small community are in need at this time. It makes me feel very blessed for all that we have, the kids helped out Jasmine and Xaviour did a great job and Hezekiah slept :o)
After the boxes were done we went to lunch and after a looooooooooong wait , then wehn I went to get the kids from daycare aka Maranda's this is what was out the front hehehe.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

my kids

Sometimes it takes a tragedy like a death to realise what you had or who was in your life was special. With that in mind especially at this time of year when I look back and remember those who arent here with me anymore, I have been making an effort this year to tell my dad every time I speak to him that I love him and Ive been making a real effort to say that more often to Allen too. It might seem like a small thing but for me its huge I dont say it very often (only to my kids) so when I do he knows I really mean it. Having said that Id like you to know what it is about each of my kids that I love as this is the last few months before Jasmine turns 18.
So lets start with her : I love Jasmine because she has such a strong spirit, I love the deturmination that she has the drive that she has to succeed, I love the way she can just get up and walk out of the house without an hour of doing her hair/makeup etc. I love the way she can laugh at herself and I love her laugh, I love the way she can just pick a small child up and hug and comfort them, I love her monster size feet and the way she can freakishly wiggle all her toes out! I love the way she looks when she's sleeping and the way I can just sneak into her room and still put her covers over her when she has kicked them off in her sleep. I love that she reads and that she has such a strong testimony and I love the way she treats her friends.
Ok now for a tissue *sniff* Lets see... I love Xaviour and his sense of adventure, I love the way he wakes up in the morning all bleary eyed and stunned, I love the way he looks when he's playing the way his eyes light up with joy, I love the look on his face when he is concerntrating, I love the way he curls up on the couch next to me, I love the way he says he loves me, I love it when you tell him something and he gives you that look like he didnt hear a word but weeks or months later you know he has heard every word, I love the way he dances' even when he doesnt know Im watching.
Gabriel is next, I love that Gabriel has such a cheeky smile even when you are trying to tell him something serious, I love the way he hugs you for no reason, I love that he just automatically shares his blanket/ food that he has stolen from the pantry with Niamh, I love the way he wiggles his bottom at me and giggles. I love the way he talks in his sleep and even laughs, I love the way he can pick up a spider and throw it at the chickens yet run away from a chicken. I love the way he runs to the door when people come home in the afternoon, I love the way he says mummy.
Niamh I love Niamh because she is my baby girl, I love that she is almost 3 and still has to sleep with her blankie and dummy, I love the way she curls up next to me in bed every morning, I love the way she copies Gabriel and the way she hugs him when I growl at her. I love the noise she makes when she is sleeping and that I can pick her up and put her back into bed when shes almost falling out onto the floor. I love how she thinks that if its pink then its for "nee, nee". I love the way she manages to get food in her hair at every meal (thats talent) I love that little smile on her face and how she tells me shes not tired and then sleeps for 2 hours every afternoon. I love the sound of her little feet running on the floor and the smell of her after a bath, I love the way she says "love you"when she goes to sleep.
Hezekiah well even though your only small there is alot to love :o) I love the way he smiles when I call his name, I love the way he gigles when I tickle him, I love theway he holds onto my arm and pats it when hes sleepy, I love the way he tries to talk to us, I love the look on his face when he hears the bath running, I love every cry during the night because I know hes here with me, I love teh way he crawls into the bedrooms when Im getting the little kids to bed creating giggles and screams of delight. I love his sweat curls he gets from sleeping, I love that he can find something totally engrosing (such as a clothes peg or an empty box) I love that my clothes are constantly covered in baby drool and snoot, I love those 2 little teeth and those beautiful big blue eyes.
Love you xxxxx

where has our summer gone?

Its summer time right? SO where is the sunshine and the shorts and thongs? Here they are in the cupboard, whats out? The fleese blankets and the track pants and slippers! The rain continues to fall and create a new moat around the house again. Up and down the east coast of Australia we have had storms and wet wet weather, this is rediculous! I am quite partial to the summer rain and I love a good storm (Ive been known to climb up the clothesline to get a good photo of the storm clouds) but this is just too much! I would really like to see the sun come out and the weather to warm up please :)


Playgroup Christmas party
Niamh eating a lolly

Ok so this is her cake the one on Mondy will look better I promise

Hezekiah playing on the see saw at playgroup

ok so this is the cake that I made for the playgroup party it was a birthday cake for Niamh its meant to be a castle

Gabriel and bear bear

ALl the kids from playgroup on the parachute

Ohh this is the wire that was in our stove top, I could smell a burnt smell as it turns out this was burnt through! dodgy electrician that I had grrr! Lucky we had Johnny our awsome friend who is an electrician come and fix it :o)

Gabriel in his uniform for next year :o)

Xaviour and his awards he also got a book prize as well :o)

The principle at the awards night

Niamh and Hezekiah eating at the playgym Christmas party

The jumping castle

and again

Its been a busy few days! We had the last playgym with a jumping castle and a visit from Santa and lots of food :o) We also have had the last playgroup for the year :o( I made a cake for Niamh it turned out ok not as good as I would have liked but Im only learning :o) We have also had Xaviours presentation evening where he got 2 awards this year, it seems like hes taking over from Jasmine who ot awards every year. I also have some photos of Gabriel in his uniform for next year at Kinda, he'll be going 3 days a week 9 till 3 woohoo!

I still have a handful of things to pick up from in town for Christmas I'll leave that till next week and into Deloraine for more paper today. Only a few more days to go till Christmas and Nimahs birthday on Monday!