Monday, July 28, 2008

Breaking Dawn

Yep thats right only 5 more days till the new book is released! Im ringing the book store in the morning so I can pick my copy up after soccer :o) Ive also got another book called "the Host" which sounds interesting that Im sure they havent got but Im going to ask for anyway :o) Im going to be reading alot over the next few days. Poor Jasmine is going to have to wait for my copy.

The movie of "twilight" is due for release in the states on Dec 12th so Im sure we will get it soon after. I hope not too long after as Niamh has her birthday that month :o)

I rang the hospital today and asked if the "bars" for her boots where in yet and was told that "no" they were not in. I then called my physio and complained she told me that she is going to find out whats going on for me. Its frustrating for me I worked myself up last week for it and then got told they were not ready and still a week on they still are not ready! Mind you it has given Niamh the added time to put her legs up and do her jiggy Im going to crawl soon dance :o) Its soooooo cute! Im going to film it on the camera and put it on here (if I can work that out) so you can watch it too.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

Weekly messes

Its been one of those weeks it started with Monday when I had planned and kept calm all day ready for Niamh to have her boots and bars fitted. We got to the hospital and found out that they didnt have the bars for her boots so we drove all the way in to town for NOTHING! I could not understand why they just didnt call first???? Tuesdays are always busy with young womens and mens. Then the week blured till Friday when Jasmine went to her chior camp soccer Saturday and church today ................................
I got really annoyed with my scales I thought I was doing really well with my new diet and I jumped on to see what the numbers say... hummmm Not HAPPY! I better start seeing the numbers going down soon. Then Allen decided that my recipie for rice crispy treats was not good enough so went and got his own well that totally ticked me off! As far as Im concearned he can shove those rice bubbles up his *beep* one bubble at a time.GRRRRRRRR! As if that wasnt bad enough then he goes and blames my bad mood on my "cycle" well considering I havent been having a regular cycle he can shove that too!!!! ROAR!!!!

CALM muusic............. ok now Im done ranting Im going to go to my nice warm bed and read and if I get interupted by golly there is going to be blood on the floor.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

curry in a hurry

Yesterday was a baddddd day! Niamh's teeth are cutting and she was super grumpy! I spent most of the day with crying kiddos :o( Jasmine had a dance performance last night and we had to drive her and another girl from the performance into Deloraine. We feed her and I decided that Id make my Korma curry I was ready to put the paste into the pan and went into the fridge only to find that I had used the last of it! AHHHHHH! Panic! Nope I just used the green curry paste in the pantry I used 2 tablespoons thinking it would be fine :o) We sat down and everyone was really hungry we all took a bite and started breathing FIRE! Poor Gabriel hes only 2 and his little mouth was on fire, we tried to get him to drink some milk but he just kept crying and licking his hand. Needless to say we threw the whole lot in the chook bucket Im sure their insides were nice and warm today in the rain hehehehhe

On a litter note I got some more pictures of my friend Lisa and her fiance` Shane they look so cute :o) The wedding is now set for November so that gives me more time to loose some baby weight hehehe

Saturday, July 12, 2008

boots and bars #2

After a trip to the physio last Wednesday we were given all the answers to the questions that we had about how long Niamh would be in them for and how aften she would wear them. When we first discussed this it was only going to be for a few months and I was ok with that, now they are talking for 23hours a day for at least 3 months and then for maybe 2 years or longer. This means that we are in for the long haul and Im going to get to know my physio Rebeekah a whole lot better in the next 2 years. There is a possibility that after all that time that she may still need surgery but because they caught it early and she has a very mild case that the likelyhood of that is slim. It also means that after I have got her sleeping so beautifully that Im going to have to go back to square one with her getting her boots fitted in just over a weeks time.
On the plus side she is putting on weight now which is great and weighs 6.84 kg or 15 pounds so Im really happy about that :o) Niamh hovers up all her food including any others food which is near enough for her to get her hands on :o) She tried some cream today on a beater after I had whipped the cream she thought that was great :o) I would have taked a photo but my camera was missing (its found now)
We had a bush dance last night at the chapel it was fun the kids had a ball we all got to have a dance I was tired after we had finished! Need to get into shape :o)

Monday, July 7, 2008

sleep soundly

Last Thursday I had a visit from my nurse Jilly from Walker House she comes by once a wek to check on Niamhs feeding and weight, last week we talked about her lack of sleeping in her cot. I got into a really bad habit when she was feeding every 2 hours of just bringing her to bed with us and feeding her and letting her stay in bed with me. It suited me at the time but is now a bad habit which needed to be broken. Niamh will have her boots fitted by the end of the month and she needed to be retrained to sleepin her on bed on her back again. This was not going to be pleasent..... So I stayed up all of Thursday night with her settling and re- settling her every 10 minutes till she slept then doing it all over again. It was torture :o( I hate to hear her crying it upsets me and my milk lets down then I have to feed her and the circle begins again, but I resisted and we are now getting a full nights sleep with everyone waking up much happier :o) I didnt want to say anything till she had been consistantly sleeping for a few days but she has been doing well with us getting an average of 10 hours continued sleep a night for almost a week :o) Go Me! She still needs her day nap which is shorter but she take 2 instead of 1 but thats ok with me . Thanks Jilly You Rock!

Saturday, July 5, 2008

A win for Coach Robins

YIPPEE!!!! Finally Xaviours team has one its first game under Allen as their coach. They played the "Red Backs" and won 3-1. The crowd went wild! Allen put Xaviour back in defence and their only goal was actually off side but hey.... Xaviour played really well and even kicked a goal from a penalty shot :o) All the boys and parents were over the moon and as per his deal with them he shouted all the boys an Ice Cream at Mc Donalds after the game. I had to pay hmmmmmmm for 17 ice creams! Everyone had a great day and Allen could not keep that smile off his face. Well done team GO STORMERS!

Friday, July 4, 2008

Twilight book

Ive been loking through catalogues the last few days trying to get a jump on the christmas pressie thing as I have been slack the last few years and leaving it till the last minute which I hate! I was looking at the new Big W catalogue they have a huge toy one and a small book one I was browsing and found the new Twilight book !!!!!!! Its not for sale yet but I saw what the cover looks like it comes out next month and Im going to be engrossed in it till its read.

The movie of the first book comes out at the end of th eyear and Ive been told by a friend that I'll be dissowned if I watch it without them :o) There is a group of us that are getting excited about this movie and book I know its sad isnt it....