Friday, February 18, 2011

fog and awsome hair

I know its meant to be summer but where its summer I have no idea?? I got up last Saturday and could not believe the fog outside?!
On another note Jasmine and I were playing with Hezekiah's hair its so long and curly its heaps of fun so we wet it and combed it into a mowhawk he's so easy when it comes to his hair :o) I then got osme cute shots tonight of him sitting with me I know Im biased but hes soooo cute !


A few weeks ago the kids were having some fun with the dressups, Jasmine put the eyeore costume on Hezekiah and Niamh put her ladybug dress on and Gabriel got his woody costume. They went out on to the trampoline and jumped about for ages,its the small things in life that are the best :o)

Monday, February 14, 2011

Hezekiah the whistler

Hezekiah has learnt a new trick its fun wacthing all the new things that he is learning, I know that the next 12 months are going to be full of talking, teeth and teaching. He loves cuddling his lamb, and playing chase me around the table, he discovered yesterday that we could whistle. It was fun to watch the expresion on his face when the sound came out! We all had a turn whistling with him and he laughed at each of us in turn :o)
Its been an interesting summer with lots of learning going on, Niamh is tolit trained (day) we are still working on the night nappies, Gabriel is doing really well with his sharing and using his ïnside voice"while speaking to us. Xaviour has been doing some exploring onhis own and ridding off to find new places he would like to go fishing, and Jasmine is still working on her driving skills, as well as working hard on her last year of high school and last year os seminary! Its not just the kids that are doing the learning the adults are doing some too. Ive gone back to university after a 5 year absence and Allen is starting a new job which involves working with kids in a group home where he will be a substitute parent for these boys. He has alot to learn, including first aid and how to administer medication, and how to do the mountain of paperwork! We are all looking forward to a prosperous year with all our learning and the fantatstic grades that we will all recieve by the end of the year !

Thursday, February 3, 2011

birthday books

Ok so I was bored and doing some internet surfing and ran accross a blog that had a link where you can put in your birthday and it will give you the list of the books that were on the New York Times best sellers week, the week you were born. So being curious I went to the site and had a look I typed in my birthdate and I thought it was funny what came up! The Best seller for that week was Jonathon Livingston Seagull, a book that I was given by a friend for my 18th Birthday and one that Ive read again and again. There were 2 other books that were on there that I thought were really funny one was called Ïm ok Your Ok"Ive seen this book before and have seen it in the movies before the other was hehehehhee "The Joy of Sex"I thought that was a scream!!! Interesting :o) If you want to try your birthday the web addy is Let me know what yours were! Hahahaha I just put in ALlens birthdate and the number 1 book was called "The love machine"and number 2 was "The Godfather"hehehe I just thought that was funny.