Friday, April 23, 2010

Things are getting back on track

Ok so the past few weeks have been crappy to say the least with everything dying on me. The bonus is that everything that has had to be fixed or replaced has come in less than anticipated. The toaster was on sale and is a 4 slice which is nice when the little kids decide to have toast for breakfast a minute after you give them their cereal. The dentist that I went to (thanks Simone) was a heap cheaper than I had thought woohoo! Then today the mechanic rang to tell me that the car is ready and has been fixed the cost of which is half as much as I had believed it was going to cost. Next will be Allen's bike tire. I"m glad that everything is better now I did have a big cry when the car went :o( I do have the best neighbour who has let us borrow their car while mine is being fixed, ( I have been extra careful driving the local police man's car!)
Im hoping that all our bad luck is now out of the way for a LONG while. Here's hoping that the good luck starts seeping in now

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