Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Bad luck comes in threes

Ok last Easter was a DISASTER when it comes to things going wrong and things breaking or breaking down, we had 7 yes 7 items at home that bit the dust including the washing machine, the vacume and the transmission in my car grrr!!!! On Friday night while driving back from Launceston I noticed the car wasnt going into gear properly, lots of reevs no power ??? It seemed ok for the last few days..... till yesterday when I was on my way to pick up Niamh from day care and the car wouldnt go into gear at all just reeved and sat there , oh no! Allen took it to the same guy who fixed it last time who informed us that its no longer under warrenty (12 months) Big suprise (not), and he'll have a look for free! Wow how lucky for us looking isnt fixing! Considering the 1500$ price tag last year I am not happy its playing up again :o( Then this morning I knocked the dial off the toaster grrr!!!!!!!!! Only one more to go Now Id like 3 good luck items starting with a new car!

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