Thursday, September 20, 2007

kids home, kids gone

Its been a busy day today. Xaviour was sent to Melbourne ahead of our trip overseas on Tuesday, we also had Jasmine fly back to Melbourne from her choir tour of Samoa. The tour was a resounding success with a full booking and lots of fun for the kids that went. I spent the best part of 30 minutes trying to get hold of Papa to let him know that Xaviours plane was running late but he left his phone in his car. I got to speak to Jasmine and Xaviour when they finally got back to the car. They'll have a great time there with Papa he'll spoil them a bit while they are there.
Gabriel has a nasty case of croup at the moment so the whole house smells like Eucalyptus oil from the humidifyer. He slept 3 hours this afternoon which was nice but my mummy tummy didnt like it the baby kicked up a storm after he finally woke up.
On another matter I got another letter from my ex husband yesterday whinning some more about stupid things again. You would think after 8 years he'd get a life of his own!
Only 3 more days till we fly out woohoo!

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