Sunday, September 23, 2007

Sick kids

Well its only 1 day till we fly off to the states and of course we have a sick kid. yep Gabriel was at the doctors yeterday and after seeing the him we have some antibiotics and a steriod for clearing his throat. Hes a little bit better today but still grissily and clinging to me. We have finaly packed everything today and only have a few things to do tomorrow before we leave on Tuesday morning. Our wonderful neighbour is driving us to the airport at 5am ewwww!

I spoke to the older kids who are at their Grandfathers and having a great time, they went fishing yesterday but didnt go out today as it was too windy. Jasmine just about talked my ear off today but Im looking forward to seeing my girl after 3 weeks of being away. Its nice to know that she still misses her mum :)

I'll try hard to get to a computer while we are away and send some more to my spot here.

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