Monday, February 9, 2009

How hot?!

Last week was just too hot! Even here in Tassie were it just doesnt get that hot during summer got to 39.6 here in Westbury infact it was 40C in my neighbours kitchen EWWWWWW! We bought the kids a small pool for Christmas just for cooling off in its ony waist height on Gabriel so its not that deep and its 15 feet wide, we spent a bit of time in it last week as well as trying to keep all the animals cool the kittin spent the whole day sleeping under the table. The dog spent the day in the shade under the deck and unfortunantly 2 of our 3 chickens died.

It was very hot so hot that this poor koala came into a back garden looking for relief, its super cute, aslo shows you that even the local wildlife found it too hot!

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