Friday, February 20, 2009

What are those rabbits up to ??!

On Tuesday Allen picked up some "supplies" for us and left them in a bag in our room. He then took Jasmine and Xaviour to young mens/ and young womens. While they were gone I did what I always do and cleaned up after tea then got the little ones ready for bed and cleaned their toys up from the day of playing, while I was doing this I could hear peels of laughter coming from our room. I was wondering what those two little rabbits were up to but their laughter was so cute I couldnt stop laughing at them from the other room. Finally after hearing a ripping sound I decided to investigate what they wre up to. Gabriel had found ALlens "stash" of condoms and was frantically ripping them apart from each other and Niamh who was watching this was laughing at him as well it was such a funny sight to see a 2 year old ripping these apart and scattering them all over the floor hehehhe. I wonder why we spend so much money on toys whenthey get as much fun from a pot from the cupboard and a wooden spoon and a paint brush with some water to paint with. Or..... just a packet or two of condoms.

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