Monday, December 14, 2009

Leavers dinner

Its been on our minds all year and its OVER! Jasmine had her leavers dinner last Thursday and it was the only day that it poored with rain! Jasmine had jus enough time to get a hand full of pictures taken outside before it pelted down again. All the girls looked fantastic Jasmine looked beautiful she was wanting to look like a Disney princess and I think she did a good job. The parents were invited to predinner drinks before their dinner but all they had to drink was full strength beer and a few salty snacks, I wasnt impressed with that at all.. The hall was decorated fantastically with a "winter wonderland" theme. We left and Jasmine got back home at about 11pm. She didnt want to go to the after party as there were going to be drinking etc so she had some of her friends come here and they sat up watching spooky movies and then headed to bed. Im glad her friends are sensible :o)

SO here is a picture she did look so grown up *sniff* I cant believe she is going to be 17 next March!

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