Wednesday, December 16, 2009

My 2 year old girl

Niamh feeding the ducks

Niamh playing in the sandpit at home

Nimah and her beautiful beads playing at the beach this year just before winter set in.

Niamh fully clothed in the water we just weren't quick enough.

Niamh and Gabriel in the bath with way too many bubbles!

Niamh and papa having a snooze (1 year old)

Niamhs 1st birthday I made a caterpillar cake for her.

Opening pressents on mum and dads bed is a special treat for birthdays. These were some of the ones she got for her 1st birthday

Niamh and Gabriel and daddy. Niamh was only a few hours old her brother was very impressed with her.

5 days old on Christmas day

3 monhs old having a bath

2 months old having a nap on sissys bed

aww getting some love from my big brother Xaviour

Niamh on her blessing day she was a wee bit tired

nana and Niamh on blessing day

Niamh at about 7 months old having fun in the car

Niamh playing with Sarra

Niamh and me and my mum at 6 months old visiting Melbourne

Niamh, me, mum and my nana (6 months). 4 generations of girls

Niamh and my nana lynch.

Niamh and Jasmine at 3 months

Niamh and papa just a day old and so little

Niamh and myself only hours old and still so new

Niamh at a few months old

Newborn Niamh

Its been 2 years today since our little Irish girl was born. Niamh was born at 12.30 am on the 20th of December wieghing 8pd 2onces (she has been my smallest so far). She was a quick birth in the end we only just made it to the hospital before I had her. She is a joy to have and we all love her alot so without further chit chat here are some pictures of her first 2 years.

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Sim-Dim said...

He he I love that pic of the 4 generations and Gabriel sticking his little head in at the side. She sure looked tiny in those early days. And now you are about to do it all over again.............woohoo!!!!:)