Monday, January 24, 2011

Im exausted

Ok Its been a very hectic time and emotional one for the past few months. Allen got a call from his oldest girl Catlyn last year saying she didnt feel safe in her on home any more and she wanted him to help her get out. We found out that the step dad was making inappropriate comments about her body and she felt very vulnerable and scared. We packed her off and she is now staying with my sister in law in Utah. We thought things must be bad but we didnt know how bad, we went to court to get a GAL appointed ( a child advocate to look at the case ) what she has found is very disturbing. Brittany who is about to turn 11 has an IQ of 80 and is not coping at school, Morgan who is about to turn 14 this year has an IQ of 77! He is alos only reading at a 3rd grade level. We were extreamly upset by this news and have taken our legal battle from a change in visitation to an all out assault and we are fighting for custody of all 3. The thought of have 8 children in my home is scary but the thought of leaving them where they are is alot more frightening. Every parent worth their salt wants the best for their child and tries their best to help that child achieve their goals, and be the best they can be. Im astounded that this has been left to get this bad and why on earth would you leave a child who is half way through high school without the ability to read???? It makes my head spin.
The whole thing has left Allen and I exausted mentally, we are up late most nights working through stratagies and discussing the "" what if's". I get to help draft letters to the lawyer and the GAL and critique its content and add where needed. The hearing will be held on Febuary 7th (U.S) and we are hoping that with all the information that they have they will make the best a rulling that is in the childrens best interests. I have contacted the local schools here and the education department asking questions about programs to help them get back on track in the event that they do end up here. Im doing my best to keep things normal at the moment but its hard to concerntrate on everything when this is in the back of my mind. ALlen and I are getting the house ready just in case they arrive. I know Catlyn is safe and having a great time with her aunt Jody and uncle John, what I aslo know is how ALlen feels away from his kids. I know that Catlyn has said she doesnt want to come here to live and I can understand that they would be a scarry thing to do, we only want them to be safe and happy I hope that by the end of next month that we will have a good outcome for all the kids. Cross fingers


Melinda said...

Your husband is a very lucky man (or clever?) to have you. I've known some step mothers over the years who invented mean spiritedness. I hope you both get the outcome you want.

katherine said...

Thanks Melinda. Its been very upsetting to find out whats been going on while he has been gone. He believed that he was leaving them in good hands but that doesnt seem to have been the case :o( Both the young kids are extreamly behind and I dont see it getting any better while they are in the mothers care, I know how that sounds and as a mum I know that taking the kids could be devastating for her I just hope that the childrens best interests are taken into account, and how their futrue could be without our input