Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Queensland floods

The floods in Queensland have hit home to many of us personally with friends and family under threat of loosing everything. One thing that I have been thinking of is what we have ready in the event that we were put in a similar situation. I have been meaning to get our 72 hour packs redone for a year and this has just made me do it sooner. A few things that are not in our packs because they are in the house somewhere else or being used are our wind up radio's they have a light a cable to recharge the mobile as well as an emergency siren. I have one for each of the packs but I can only find one! In the past 12 months in Australia we have had fires, floods, cyclones. This is why we should all be ready. My goal for the next 6 months is to redo our packs with new food supplies, more tolitry supplies, a couple of extra clothes, and some extras in our medical packs. I also need to make a new one up for Niamh. My pack incldes everything for the baby so for the past few years its just changed from Gabriel to Niamh and now Hezekiah. Everyone has their name on their pack as they are all slightly different with personal stuff for each person.
This is one lucky joey and his resuer
I love this photo with the green tree frog hitching a ride on the back of the black snake through the floods

This was an awful sight a whole family sitting on the top of their car as they were pushed through the water and debre, the father is still missing.
I hope that we can all band together as Australians to help our northern cousins. We don't know what next week or month will bring it may be us who needs help next.

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So sorry about the flooding. It makes all of us stop and think what we would need to have ready in case of an emergency.