Sunday, October 2, 2011

Hair cuts

Today was day one. I knew that Gabriel needed a hair cut when his hair was hanging done around his ears, so out came the hair clippers and he was done quick enough. Then came Hezekiah, his hair was so long on top that I could have put it in a ponytail. So up on the stool I sat him and begain to give him a haircut. His hair is so fine that it was like trying to cut fluff. His hair has also gotten alot lighter in colour going froma red to a more strawberry blonde. He looks like a little boy instead of my baby :( Yes I know he will be 2 in January but he still has a bottle each night befofre bed, wrapped up in his "blankie" and has his dummy in while hugging his "lambie".
When I lost the baby before Gabriel I had a dream that I was watching a little blue eyed blonde boy, in my dream he turned and looked at me and giggled Ive never forgotten that dream. When I feel pregnant with Gabriel I thought well here will be my "dream baby boy" but it wasnt him. Then when I feel pregnant with Niamh I thought maybe it wasnt a boy in my dream that it was a girl? When I saw her I knew she wasnt the one either. I saw him today, that little giggling boy in my dream he looked at me today, he kissed my face and I kissed him back. Hezekiah was that dream baby, I see it now with his hair all cut short. My dream baby is asleep now. shhhh

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