Saturday, December 31, 2011

An..... eventful new years

Well we started out ok with our New Years Eve preperations... Food organised ? Check! Gas in the BBQ? Check! Guests arriving ? Check! Everyone as doing great we had just had dessert the kids (17 of them) were watching the last few minutes of the "Smurf" movie when ..... Hezekiah has a fall of the deck and onto the rocks surrounding the garden bed, and he's hit his head... Crap! There blood which I always get a bit excited about and not in a good way. So Allen and I abandon our guests and make the normally 20 minute trip into the hospital (we did it in less than 15). He got seen right away (thanks to all the drunks that held off till about 2am). They had a look did some obs. Cleaned the wound, and decided he needed to stay a minumum of 4 hours observation incase he had a fit or became unconsious. So Allen abandened me and went home while I stayed at the hospitl watching Hezekiah sleep on the bed and watching the nurses and doctors. It was pretty quiet I must say I was expecting some more excitement than that at a hospital on the busy night of the year. They did have one very drunk woman come in she blew .029 but she was passed out and couldnt get a decent reading from her. Another guy was bad too and he spat on one of the paramedics and (she) was NOT happy about that!
We finally got released at 2.30am and got home 15 minutes later the roads were deserted. All the kids were in bed my house was cleaned (thankyou guys) and all the rubbish in the bin. It wasnt my best start to the new year and seeing Ive only had about 3 hours sleep I actually feel ok... Im sure I'll crash after lunch. Happy New Year people and heres to a fun and prosperous loving New Year.

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