Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Beach activity

Yesterday promised a nice warm day of 31C so I decided a trip to the beach was the way to go. So after collecting all the things you need for a beach day eg towels, sunscrean, food, drink, beach toys, and Jasmine who is house sitting for some friends. We drove to Hawley Beach as its the closest to us and its so nice :) It was Hezekiahs first time in the sea swimming and he had a great day playing in the sand and eating a fair amount of it too. We made sandcastles, and played cricket, we sat and read books ( well jasmine and I did) and yes we even went in the water ;)
It was such a nice day and when we got home I was tired though the kids didnt seem to be! Bother!
Im planning on a trip to Gumleaves in a few weeks, a friend went there recently and had a great time so after checking it out Im keen to go :)

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