Sunday, July 8, 2012

blog visiters

I've been interested in the past year at the amount of people who are reading my blog and where they are from. Some of them are friends who I know aand that just live far away and cant see me right now or family who live interstate and don't have time to ring me so they read my blog and thats ok too. For others Its interesting too see where you have been from, Ive been looking at my "stats", I do that from time to time to see where people are from mainly. Most are from the United States of America so Hi to all of you from the US :) I have been over to visit and have seen most of the west coast so feel free to leave comments Im happy to answer questions too.
Ive also noticed some are from the UK. So hello to all those from over there :) I have not been that far yet but would love to get there one day. I dream of visiting Ireland and Wales, and Scotland. I am a sucker for the accents and could very well run off with the nearest cute man so it might be safer for me to stay home for now ;) hehehe
Ive also noticed a few people from Egypt, Slovakia, Bulgaria,Spain,Germany,South Africa,Brazil, and of course Canada and a few from NZ :) It amazes me that you read what I write or post or that you come back. It facinates me and makes me wonder who you are too.....

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