Thursday, August 16, 2012

Gabriel our angel in disguise.... :)

Sometimes you have just one of those days where as a parent you just want to put the headphones on and ignore the dobbing and just cook tea in peace. Gabriel has become the great "dibber dobber" of the house he has to tell me everything! Hexekiah has "this" or Niamh was touching "that" or "I didnt do" what ever it was that made a huge noise in the lougeroom...hmmmm? Its a mystery! Gabriel has been getting lots of extra attention in the evenings as we spend some time going through his flash cards with him and his readers for school, we have done this to get him up a few extra levels and to keep him focused on the benefits of learning.

Having said that Gabriel has also been pushing his luck when it comes to being respectful and we have talked about it a few times but n Saturday when Allen was at work and Xaviour was out orientiering, Gabiel got very vocal with me and I told him that I didnt like it, so after I put them down for a rest after lunch Xaviour came home and I asked him to meet me in Gabriels room in about an hour. We went in and I sat down and told Gabriel why I was upset with him and what being respectful meant. I told him that slaming his door wasnt respectful and that it could also damage the door, and so Xaviour removed it. I told Gabriel he could have it back when he can show me how good he can be. I understand its just frustration and that he thinks slaming the door is ok but its not in our home. There are other ways of getting rid of frustration and slamming doors isnt acceptable. He is only 6 and he has found it a challenge and thats ok too it gives him time to think his problem through and find a new solution. I think it will probably go back up tomorrow that means it will have been gone a full week. Im sure he'll think twice about slamming it again :)  

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