Sunday, November 4, 2007

Back from the trip

Well today is Monday so technically we have been beack for 3 days now. It should have been 4 days but our travel agent stuffed up our return flights to Launceston!!! We finally got home and unpacked straight away, we had that much luggage that we had to send 4 bags by frieght. We were all looking forward to our first nights sleep in our own beds but it wasnt to be... Gabriel caught some tummy bug on the plane back to Launceston and spent the night throwing up, and that ment Allen and I getting no sleep just cleaning up after the poor little thing. He looked better on Saturday and we all breathed a sigh of relief but it was short lived, I started throwing up that afternoon and so did Allen. The older kids seem to have gotten away with not getting it so thats a blessing. Im still very sore aching all over and having contractions just to add to the fun grrrr.
Jasmine went off to choir practice this afternoon and is still deciding weather or not to continue with Sing Elon next year. She has really enjoyed it but it has been very hectic this year. Xaviour was glad to get home and see his new soccer trophy from this year.
Allen got stuck into mowing the lawn which now looks respectable, the ride on needs to go in to be serviced bummer more money.
We only had 2 bills from the time we were away so I was pleased with that.
I had my last ultrasound on Friday and everything looks great. Shes head down bum up and the spot on her heart seems to be gone. Even my placenta seems to have moved out of the way so I should be able to have a natural birth after all. We also got a weight estimate on the baby, shes currently 4pd and if I go full term will probably get to 7.5pd. Wow was I happy about that! A little baby :)
Im going to go through all our photos in the next few weeks and put them all upits going to take me some time but I'll get it done.

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