Sunday, December 2, 2007


The last few days have been hectic. Saturday Jasmine had her end of year concert for her chior their were a heap of people there and she had 2 sets of rehursals that day inbetween that we had to attend a friends wedding in St Leonards. It was an Italian / Tongan wedding so here were mountains of food. Rebecca looked beautiful in a pale blue dress and white long gloves. The two of them later changed into Tongan dress both wearing sarongs and white T Shirts and flower lays.
Jasmines concert went really well with her chior singing 4 songs they looked and sounded great, now we only have the Carols by Candlelight in the park which is on the 16th. phew its been a busy year for her and us!
Last night we had our Young Marrieds dinner at our house. We had a bbq which went really well all the kids came in and out of the house all evening and the adults played a game of "Curses". Its a fun card game that includes acting and a curse being placed on you. Everyone had a ball poor Simone ended up with about 13 curses that she had to do it was funny to watch her trying to do them all. Gabriel went to bed half way through the bbq I thought hed just cry and want to get up but he must have been really tired as he went right to sleep.
Our new baby is keeping us up allready and she hasnt even been born yet. I had regular contrations every 15 mins for about 4 hours then nothing...... grrrrrrrr.
Allen is taking 2 weeks parental leave from the 13th of this month which will take him right up to Christmas eve so thats nice for us then back to work on the 3rd of Januaray. Only a few more days of being pregnant ! I cant wait to see her perfect little body and face.

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