Tuesday, December 11, 2007

baby baby

Well I think we are finally on our way with the birth! I have been having contractions since Sunday but not much else then this morning I had a "show" so we have been waiting around the house all day for the contractions to get heavier and 11 hours after I discovered my "show" and I dont feel any closer to the birth :o(
Im getting more and more frustrated by the hour I went for a walk and had some contractions while I was out but not much since getting back grrrrrrrrrr. I might try a bath next Im gettting impatient with it all I just want things to start moving a bit faster. I should be relishing in the fact that this is our LAST baby and I should be kicking back enjoying it all but frankly Ive had enough and I want my body back.
Allen and I did some Chrissy shopping on Saturday with Gabriel in tow Jasmine was working at the Raspberry farm, and Xaviour decided to stay home for the day. Due to us leaving the pressies in the car including one huge box for Xaviour I went to get Jasmine from work and tonight because she is a sticky beak had looked at all the boxes in the back of my car. this wasnt a problem as hers isnt here yet but she then tonight told Xaviour that she knows what he's getting and added that he wont like it. Allen and I got upset with her and she got all defensive about it. I told them both to be quiet and not to speak abouut it any more I mean for goodness sake!
Not much else happening here just kicking back watching the cricket from Perth. I might go and have a bath it may be the last bit of peace I have for a while. Wish me luck

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