Monday, September 1, 2008

engrish is my second lanuage

I was watching the morning show last week when they reviewed this website called its so funny it has heaps of miss spelled and miss translated things from all over the world. I finally had a bit of a look tonight and found this heheheh I thught it was great I might see if I can order some for dad. I mean with fathers day coming up Im sure Robyn will get some use out of it :o) HAHAHAHA!

Well Its the first day of Spring and I was looking forward to taking the kids to Playgroup thismorning we were up and ready to go I asked Gabriel to find his shoes and for the first time he actually bought them to me to put them on! I was so excited that he'd managed to do that, that I didnt hear that outside it was literally raining cats and dogs! With no car (allens been taking mine) it meant a day at home stuck inside. I managed to get Niamh down for her morning nap and was about to get Gabriel some morning tea when I noticed he had suddenly become very quiet hmmm not a good sign so I went in to see where he was and he had fallen asleep on the couch. awwww he looked so cute so I grabbed the camera only to find the batteries were flat !!!! AGHHH. Im hoping that the rain will go away by Wednesday as Jasmine is signing in Town.

ALlen is taking Mother Jacki to the airport in the morning she off to Melbourne for a while to help Alison out. I know she'll sort things out :o)

Well Im off to bed Ive been going to bed early each night so as to get a few hours sleep before Niamh wakes up at around 12.30am.

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Jess Bradbury said...

"Removes Horniness" LOL!!!!![*Tears of laughter*]
I know a few fellas that could really use some of that! Lol.
Love yas x