Wednesday, September 10, 2008

slack on blog

Ive been sooo slack not updating the blog (sorry). Its been a fun and interesting week. Last Wednesday Jasmine had to go into Launceston for a flag ceremony and the chior performed 1 song. They sounded ok the sound system wasn't the greatest :o(

We aslo had a huge cold snap last week w ith hail falling for about 30 mins! The deck was white from hail stones. We have also had some funky chicken business with the chickens constantly escaping from their pen and I found one of them (shes the leader) on the trampoline outside the sliding door looking at me through the window. Cheeky chicken. I was about to give up on them ever laying an edd when YIPPEE! We have eggs! I got so excited I did a little happy dance outside which unfortunantly my neighbour caught me doing (opps).

With soccer finally finished for the year and Jasmine having a free Saturday we decided to have a family day out. We went to the wildlife park in Launceston which was fun we had a great day out before going to Jasmine and Xaviours awards night at church. The awards night was great the food was alot better than last year and the kids got 2 awards each.

Jasmine went off to her chior tour on Monday I spoke to her last night on the phone and she is having a great time away and enjoying the sunshine.

Niamh and Gabriel are doing well Gabriel is going through another naughty stage hes escaping from the yard and getting into the washing powder again grrrrr. Niamh is going through a growth spurt and is eating everything that isnt nailed down. She had made such a mess the other day with a lamington that ALlen had to get the vacume out to clean her off before getting her out hehehehe. She just sat there watching :o) Ive been spending some time in the garden the past few days its ben so nice to be in the sunshine I mowed the back lawn yesterday while Xaviour did the front. I'm thinking about heading to the nursery on Saturday to get some more plants. We are also waiting for the kids new trampoline to arrive this week :o)

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