Saturday, September 20, 2008

blog week

Its been an interensting week without the "big" kids here. Jasmine off on tour and Xaviour in Melbourne. Allen and Xaviour did manage to put the trampoline together before they left which was funny to watch hehehe.

Saturday we spent all day at the hospital with Niamh who had croup and has been sick all week coughing and crying cause it hurts her chest :o(

Gabriel was being a good brother and feeding his sister yoghurt they were playing and he hoped down from his chair at the bench and decided to share some with Niamh who had allready had a full one but he shared his it was super cute to watch :o)

Our chickens are finally laying eggs woohoo!

ALlen and I have been enjoying eating lots of fish this week and I made a really nice prawn salad with rice noodles on Thursday night, Gabriel wasnt as thrilled with it and started throwing it accross the table at us. Now normally I'd yell and tell him to knock it off but I was feeling silly and decided to join him :o) The result was noodles all over the floor and table and even the wall. ALlen totally refused to clean it up and so I waited till the morning when they had all gone crusty and sweeped them up.

Not much happened this week, Allens at home again his week so we'll have a chnace to get some stuff around the house done (thats if the weather improves).

Jasmine is due home tonight after a long flight so its going to be back to school for them on Monday :o)

Lets hope for some warmer weather this week

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Jason said...

Awesome trampoline - where did you score that from?