Sunday, October 5, 2008

stress week

Its been a stressfull week for me. Ive been waiting for Allen to tell me he has a new job but Im still waiting... We went to Centrelink to fill in alll the forms ... Only to fond out that because we have money in the bank we cant get anything till the middle of next month! I mean thats just madness, Its just silly just because we have been smart enough to save we are penalised for it. Its crap!
On the plus side this week Gabriel and Niamh have had afun week of playing together and Niamh has discovered the trampoline and thinks its great fun to crawl around on the mat with me and Gabriel.
I did manage to get some mowing done with it all being done by yesterday. woohoo. Ive also managed to find out how our escape chickens were getting out and now Im not checking all the garden for the eggs.
Ive also started another Jody Pilcoult book and have another one ready to read when Im done.
Im hoping that we get a call this week about a job. Ive got to take dinner to Sue and her family tomorrow as shes having a cateract operation and wont be able to cook so Im making something for her and her family for the next few days. Its her birthday on Friday so Im making her an early cake tomorrow :o)
I made a cake last week for Shiela and Harrys 65th wedding anniversary and everyone thought t was great :o) I made sure that it loked good as well as tasted great. I made a "tester" cake a few days befroe hand and got Simone to check it for me, I love having her next door to talk to and taste all my dodgy creations.

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