Tuesday, October 7, 2008

weather problems

Im well and truely sick of this cold weather! Its been so cold here and the wind is freezing. The nights are still way to cold for me with it getting down to 1 degree last night! Im refusing to take the electric blanket off the bed till at gets up to t least 10 overnight.

The wet weather has also taken a toll on my tolerance. The little kids especilly Gabriel are feeling a bit cramped being inside for days on end. We went to playgroup on Monday but that was not enough of a break for either of them so I in my infinite wisdom decided to bring out 2 toys that I thought would reduce the bordom factor. I went and got the water table first (I know what your thinking) it has a table with a place to put water and sand, plus allthe acceccories that go with sand and water. Not wanting either of those in the house I used what the do at knda and got the rice out it acts in a similar way to water and sand so I thought perfect! It ws going well till Gabriel thought he would poor half the rice on the floor, then Niamh who is "crusing" around the furniture decided to pull herself up on the table it toppled over and rice went EVERYWHERE! Gabriel thought this was so funny that he shuffled his feet through it all and took it to parts of the house that we never thought it would end up.GRRRRR

Still not learning from my first mistake I decided to put the batteries in the organ for Gabriel to play with ... forgetting that the last time I did that he spent 3 days just playing the "demo" music up on high all day! He likes playing with music and I dont mind taht but the demo setting is super anoying! Still they have found that heaps of fun and have played together with Gabriel up one end and Niamh at the other they did look very cute :o)

I am grateful that Gabriel is now old enough that he will sit through most of a movie without moving hes discovered the muppets and we are watching those at the moment, its better than the wiggles everyday.... I just hope the sun comes out soon so we can get out in the garden! Ive bought a heap of toys for the little ones to play with outside for Christmas. I jst hope the sun is out by then to use them.

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