Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Your going the right way for a smacked bottom!

Its never going to end!!!!!! Ive started the ball rolling and now the avalanche is approaching. SAVE YOURSELVES!

For something that was meant in genuine good humor has been taken soooo far out of context its not funny Allen has spat it with his parents which again I think is sad.

Its not that serious I mean really!?!

I have learnt that even though some people were not privey to my humor or opinions because apparently Im not allowed to have one because Im not American....

I would like to thank those people who supported me and thought that yes I do have a brain and can actually have an opinion. (thanks Erik and Jess).

Maybe I sh\uld \avelistened to my father when he told me that at the dinner table you dont talk about politics or religion it just gives people gas

1 comment:

Jason said...

Oooo OOooo. Pick me, Pick me!
Can I join the line to smack the bottom? ;)