Saturday, April 11, 2009

Beach trip

Im a sea princess
Gabriel building his rock collection

uppie high mummy! Yes its a plane Gabriel

sand yummy!

the little tykes watching out for each other

Gabriel and Niamh watching the seaguls

Gabriel testing the water temperature

Niamh saying who cares the water is nice :o)

Niamh before we could strip her off went in fully clothed, and with the bling on too

As the kids have Easter holidays for the next week and a half we decided to take a drive to Port Sorrel, and Hawley Beach. The little kids love the beach having spent some time at Papa's beach house on Phillip Island. Gabriel wasnt real keen on getting in the water right away but Niamh just wandered in clothes and all! She cracks me up hhehehe Gabriel managed to wander in too he wasnt as enthusiastic as Niamh but hey they still had fun. We also stpped at the local hall for the "Market" day we bought some beads for Niamh she has had them on all day but hey for 2$ who cares... We packed a lunch so we didnt have to buy anything it was a fun time and will try and go again before all the nice weather leaves us for winter.

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